When a Main Character Trips over a Secret Past – and 1310 words.

You think you know who your main character is by the time you get her more than halfway through Book 2.

More than that, you KNOW she knows who she is.

So today, my MC discovered that an event in her life that she thought had gone down one way did not. And she discovered something about herself, who she was as a kid, and what she did as a kid, that shocked the crap out of her — and me.

It was a beautiful writing day, I LOVE the words I got, and what happened today fits in perfectly with her rocky past, and events that happened in the first book — stuff I didn’t even realize I was setting up until all of a sudden it was on the page.

There are times when you go in a direction like this, trusting your gut, and it doesn’t work out, and you hate every piece of what you write that day.

This … Not one of those times.



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5 responses to “When a Main Character Trips over a Secret Past – and 1310 words.”

  1. Tuff Gartin Avatar

    Amen! As well as making yourself cry, bringing forth goosebumps, and activating many other emotions! I’m in the middle of revising my first novel (still hard for me to believe…7 self-pub novellas to date, but I’m actually going to be releasing a novel!!!!!!) I had about a 7 week cool-down due to the holidays and writing the first draft of my next novella. So when I did the initial read-through after the lengthy break, near the end, I literally got chills and teary-eyed reading about what a few of the characters were enduring. So, question is — am I just experiencing this because I’m giddy about it being my first novel? Or will my Tuff Readers experience that as well? Time will tell.

  2. Tuff Gartin Avatar

    Love moments like that! Congratulations! I had a similar experience with the current novel I’m revising. Without giving away too much, the short version is my MC’s maid told me a secret about her past that fit in perfectly with the rest of the story (made it even better) and allowed more conflict and provided a great twist!

    I can’t wait to get my hands on these Ohio Novels!!!

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hey, Tuff! It’s getting even more fun for me. Today I was laughing evilly while my character was cracking wise while in pain, and it was just a joy to keep writing — and hard to stop when I hit the word count… which says a lot. 😀

      1. Tuff Gartin Avatar

        Hey, Holly! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only writer who laughs out loud as they write. 😃 It appears that you are having a blast writing these Ohio Novels. I wish you continued happiness and progress!

        1. Holly Avatar

          Thanks, Tuff. Making yourself laugh is part of the joy of the job. 😀

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