Wheeeeee! Words and wickedness, and great fun! 778 words, and 24,207 total

While mostly I’m working on the website, and getting ready to put all the classes back on sale for one last 10-day period at half price, followed by the return to full price, I started the morning with fiction. Because FICTION, baby! And OHIO!!!

And after doing terrible awful horrible evil wicked things to her yesterday, today I sent my MC out running with a friend, and sent her to the ‘Mart’s is-shop eatery for junk food and a deep heart-to-heart with her buddy.

And Monday (because TGIF!!!, and it’s been a long damn week and I’m taking the WHOLE weekend) she’s going to have a little moment of clarity, and a little realization of something wicked moving her way.

So on that note, I’m now going to be done with the words and spend the next bunch of hours getting set up for making my writing classes available purchase again.

Hope you have an awesome weekend. I’m going to spend mine stretched out on the couch with the cat, and I’ll be playing video games.

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