What’s on your desk?

Question came up — what’s on your desk?

Here’s a picture of mine, plus list of top contents.

From left to right:Small stained glass lamp, roll of Scotch tape, write-in edit of LAST GIRL DANCING waiting to be typed in, Dilbert calendar (probably the last one I’ll get), Norah Jones Feels Like Home, last month’s MacAddict software disk, Phil Collins No Jacket Required, drawings, maps, and alphabets for RIKNIR, about 1000 DayGlo index cards (empty), proof copy of Midnight Rain, count card for LGD, iMac flat-screen G4, pictures of my kids, speakers, note from Claire Zion that accompanied my first two production copies of MIDNIGHT RAIN, my glasses, a small fuschia stapler, a harmonica.

What this list tells me is that after I finish the type-in edits on LAST GIRL DANCING, my next job will be to clean my office again.

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