What’s Going On

By Holly Lisle

I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth. I’m doing crits and worldbuilding workshops, and waiting out word from one editor on whether a project will fly (with a terrible case of nerves), and starting into the manuscript rewrites for the other editor . . .

And working on a secret project that I’ll be unwrapping in the next few days.

It isn’t writing. It is about writing. It will be another cool (I hope) site freebie and a valuable (I hope) writing resource, and a lot of fun (this one I’m pretty sure about). I’m excited. So far, my secret project is also intimidating and time-consuming, and the learning curve is tough. Now, though, I’m only a few days from taking it live, so I can finally at least admit that, yes, I have been up to something, and yes, it’s a good sort of something.

Sorry to have been sparse around here lately.

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