What your side-eye sees … 1259 words, and whistling in the dark

I had a very good Monday morning. A registered nurse working night shift in the intensive care unit came under my main character’s scrutiny for being a bit… pointy about the tooth-ular region.

Both the day shift RN and my hero’s doctor are having a hard time believing her. Except that she has big credibility elsewhere…

Including that she can prove she lost 27 pounds in one day. (In the world’s worst EVER “don’t try this at home” process, no less.)

And I finished Chapter 20.

So below I have a screenshot of what remains.

Chapter 23 and 25 are already written (and the words are already in the count, so there aren’t going to be any easy days or big jumps in word counts there).

Still to go chapters remaining

But I know where I’m heading tomorrow. My main character goes home from the hospital to discover that during her ridiculously short stay, something has changed inside her.

She’s about to face one of those long, dark moments of the soul.

I don’t envy her.

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