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On the home front, we’ve managed to cut our weekly driving miles from about 250 down to just over 100. We think we might be able to do better, though shopping for perishables (and being a long way from anything) makes it tough. At this rate, because we have a small economy sedan that gets decent mileage, we’ll be able to fill up our fuel tank about once a month.

What steps are you taking to help get the country through this crisis? Share your best ideas.

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By Holly

Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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17 years ago

I’m surprised that nobody has posted here yet. Anyway, here’s what I’ve done…

Opened my house for two days to a friend from the area with pets until she could find accommidations for herself and her pets nearer her family. (While I don’t have the fortitude to invite strangers, I strongly commend those who are willing to help strangers in their house.)

Cut back on driving to the extent possible, in particular cancelling a trip to visit Mom this weekend (400 mile round trip). I hope that things will be better around her birthday next month.

Donations through low-overhead relief organizations. Church organizations are lowest overhead because their administrative costs are usually separate from donated monies. The American Red Cross is typically about 20% overhead, but is generally considered the best choice.

Use vendors who have promised a portion of their proceeds to fund relief efforts. LoneStar Steak House promised 100% of today’s sales to relief. There are others.

Donate supplies to the relief effort. Old canned goods. Water. Empty your panty into a relief truck.

Consider this — most cross-country trucks carry 40,000 lbs. Most people need a minimum of two pints (two pounds) of water and a pound of food per day. That’s 13,000 people per truck with minimum supplies — and with almost 1 million people displaced (not all in extremus), that’s 70 trucks per day of food and water minimum.

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