What I’d really love to see from you…

What I'd REALLY love to read from you...
What I'd REALLY love to read from you…
This is the companion weblog post to the Reader Survey question “Which of my worlds would you like to see me reopen and start writing in next?”

If you want to put in a more in-depth plug than just a survey vote for one of my existing universes, or if you want to ask for something different, post a comment below.


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83 responses to “What I’d really love to see from you…”

  1. Meg Avatar

    Dreaming the Dead! I read so much about it, and then I stopped hearing about it…I was really excited to read it!

  2. Pellegri Avatar


    Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird Redbird.

    Another entry in Secret Texts is fine too.


  3. Sylvia Avatar

    Math is my weak subject but maybe I proved I’m human! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve been a fan since you first offered Mugging the Muse free years ago. I was torn as to my vote since mystery/suspense is my favorite genre. Midnight Rain is my all time favorite of your books. So paranormal suspense was my vote but I love Cady and HTCB very much also. But Arhel, Faia and the cities of magic are memorable. So I’ll no doubt read just about whatever you write!
    I so want you to be free of these migraines, Holly. I do not see how you continue to work at all with them. Around my mid-forties I began having them regularly until I discovered the food triggers that resulted in a migraine. Foods I used to be able to eat with no problem – red or green peppers, oranges(!)(I love them but they don’t love me.) more than a few peanuts, more than a tiny bit of dark chocolate. But red or green peppers are the very worst, even the juice of them in potato salad can bring on a migraine. If I see green or red in potato salad, even though it might be chilies, I leave it!

  4. Angie Avatar

    It was very cruel to ask me to select just one universe for you to reopen. ;D Your books occupy quite a bit of space on my bookshelf and I’m hoping to add more in e-book virtual shelf space. I’m looking forward to reading all of your new efforts. Best wishes!!

  5. Jack Randall Avatar
    Jack Randall

    I’m actually yet to read any of your fiction as I’m finding it impossible to find anything in print in the UK. So really the switch to self publishing is great for me. I’m most looking forward to Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood so I voted for that but I’m also interested in Minerva Wakes and the Moon and Sun series. On the Moon an Sun series I was wondering if your still resolving the whole series in a third novel or reverting to the original plan or maybe something else?

    Good luck with it all ^_^

  6. Jacey Faye Avatar

    This poll is the most absolutely impossible question I have seen in ages!

    But in the end, I have to go with The Secret Texts. Those books were my first introduction to your work, and they carved out a place in my heart that nothing else can really touch. (In particular, I have always always always wanted to know the details of what happened to Wraith and Jess and co. after Vincalis the Agitator.)

    Honestly, though, I will be ridiculously excited with anything, and I cannot congratulate you on this move enough. โ™ฅ

  7. Seraphina Avatar

    i nearly got that sum wrong…not sure I qualify as human! I want to read Dreaming the Dead – heard quite a lot about it from the blog, and it is on my watch out for it list. While I would be happy to read almost anything you chose to write, I want you to feel free to write what comes up your back at any point! Surprise us! Surprise yourself! Follow your own advice and write with joy!

  8. Erin Avatar

    Voting for just one was so hard for me and in the end it came down to Fire in the Mist (probably one of the BEST ever fantasy novels) and the Devil’s point novels. I ended up voting for Arhel but I feel awful because I liked the Devil’s point novels just as much (I know they are just books and don’t know that I voted for another series but I still feel guilty). In the end I will read whatever you write (as long as you continue to amuse me, make me think, and keep me interested).
    P.S. I hope you feel better soon, migraines an awful thing to suffer from ๐Ÿ™

  9. Kelly Avatar

    I’ll be honest: I tried looking for your older series in bookstores, and failed to find them. So the only two worlds I’ve read are Korre and Sun and Moon. My favorite genre is fantasy (more often High Fantasy than not, though I do like YA Fantasy stories as well) so I would love to read anything in that genre.

    Also I really did enjoy the “magic system” in Talyn. It was interesting how they were able to view the world from a spiritual perspective and fought wars that way. I think I’d really enjoy another Korre novel. But like I said I haven’t read your other stuff, and I’m sure you have some really great ideas there. Reading the comments, I’ve grown really interested in the other worlds you’ve created, sounds like there’s some fun stuff!

    Super good luck on self publishing! I fell in love with the idea once I heard of it, but my sister keeps on telling me I should find a “real” publisher. Good thing I’m bad at listening to her. Good luck once again!

  10. Brian Cansler Avatar

    I imagine you can guess that I voted for Paranormal Suspense, considering I’m a huge fan of Midnight Rain. That’s the kind of fiction that makes me take a step and think, “What if?”. I’d also like to see more of the Korre world. More than anything, though, I like being your Ideal Reader. I particularly love stories in which magic makes problems and has real, logical consequences. Not many people write that into their stories, and I appreciate it.

    On another note, I enjoy seeing you excited about work once again and striving for a reinvention of your way of doing things. You always come up with these incredible (and incredibly risky) ideas and somehow make them work, all while inspiring other people to do the same.

    Good luck. I’m 100% behind you on this!

  11. Linda Avatar

    An off-topic comment-love the little arithmetic problem. I get so tired of sometimes completely unreadable text I’m supposed to enter. On to the point of this post.

    I voted for Korre because I really, really, want the third book in that series. After that, I don’t have a preference because I’d like to read more in all of the rest. So, I’d like to see you keep writing in them all, giving each their turn.

    Good luck with the new venture.

  12. Dorothy Pensky Avatar

    I love the sun and moon series very much. (I’m taking one of your courses.) I also wanted to say that after a three month migraine made me quit my job, a neurologist put me on a medication (I’m not going to name it because it might not be the one for you) for when my migraines last more than a week. It actually works for me–no more summers with daily headaches. If you haven’t seen a neurologist, please do, it might actually work.

  13. Kit Avatar

    This is a tough one!

    I voted for World Gates, because it was such an awesome story and I wanted to see the full unfolding. But I also want more Moon and Sun, because I could read about the Cat being sarcastic forever. And of course, I’m eager for more Cady.

    I wish this poll had included ticky-boxes … but then, I might have clicked too many things to generate actual useful data.

  14. Nicole Luiken Avatar
    Nicole Luiken

    This was a hard choice for me, as I’ve enjoyed all your novels, but I voted for the YA Moon and Sun because my son and I are reading the series together.

  15. Amy Fahrer Avatar
    Amy Fahrer

    I voted for Korre, because Talyn and Hawkspar were the books that introduced me to your writing, and because I fell totally in love with the world you built. I also wanted to know about Redbird, and what could be found about the lost tribes. But I would also put a vote in for the Moon and Sun books, especially since I’ve been following your progress in the HTTS walkthrough. Basically, choose what you love, and I’ll cheer you on all the way and read it when it’s done.

  16. Shawn Hansen Avatar


    Now I might be able to forgive you for hurling me into the life of Cadence Drake and then trapping me in a dang locker while waiting for the sequels.

    Congrats on your new adventure, and may your new pen never run out of ink.

  17. Hanna Avatar

    I liked Talyn. Intrigued by the world you started on Talysmana. I wanted to read your other books but had trouble finding them, which supports your intent to self-publish.

  18. godexplosion Avatar

    I’ve read most of your books (still trying to get my hands on the rest), and I really am torn. Both your fantasy and sci-fi works are awesome, and even though I’m not into the mainstream stuff as much, I did enjoy your paranormal suspense as well.

    I bounced back and forth between voting for Korre or Secret Texts. Talyn was the first novel of yours that I read, back before you wrote Hawkspar, and got me hooked on your work. Secret Texts was just an amazing epic series on so many levels. In the end, I voted for Korre, based purely on the fact that you’ve only got two books in that series, and I think there needs to be more ๐Ÿ˜› Besides, I believe you expressed interest in writing a third in that series, and that would be awesome.

    Quick question though: You were (are still?) working on the third Moon and Sun book before you decided to quit Big Publishing. Is that third book under contract, and will it be coming out in hardcover like the first two, or are you taking that one into your own hands? Or… some combination of both? You mentioned your publisher wanted you to wrap the series up in the third book when it was supposed to be nine. I’m interested in how you’ll continue in such a situation.

    1. Holly Avatar

      The Emerald Sun: Moon & Sun 3 is going to be tied up for a while. Scholastic has an option on the third book, but already informed me they were going to have to cut my advance drastically when I wrote it.

      I ran numbers and discovered that I’d be paying them to write the book. Since I’m not into vanity publishing, I’ll simply wait out their option, and write the book when I can.

      Meanwhile, I have plenty of other books to write.

      1. godexplosion Avatar

        Ahh yeah, I understand. It was a good little series so far, but I don’t mind waiting for the rest. I’ll read anything else you write in the meantime anyway!

  19. Paula Meengs Avatar
    Paula Meengs

    TalysMana. I received email when you were writing this. Somehow after three or four episodes I did not receive any others. But the beginning episodes hooked me. Please finish that story.

  20. Benjamin Avatar

    I prefer Cadence Drake. There has to be more stories and more characters in that universe.

  21. zilenna Avatar

    I wanted to vote for Talysmana but I didn’t see that specific option (I didn’t want to just go with ‘other). So instead, I voted for my alternate yet equal set of favorites– The Devil’s Point novels. I haven’t read the World’s Gate stories…yet. They’re next on my list to buy because I lovelovelove urban fantasy-crossover type stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m finishing up Talysmana as part of my entire list of books that will be coming out this year. ๐Ÿ˜€ It wasn’t on the list because it’s almost done, and it didn’t need a vote. It had mine.

  22. EJ Avatar

    I voted for Korre, because I want to see more of Redbird (who’s a pretty cool character) and find out what happened with the Eskuu (I’ve read Hawkspar twice and I’m still not certain, which seems odd; surely it’s something you revealed somewhere that I just missed somehow, but…). But I want to leave you with a caveat. I know they’re your books, your universe and your vision; anything I say has to be evaluated in light of that. But that said, I would want to know what my readership thought, if I were published and people actually read my stuff. So. Both Korre books so far are kind of the same underneath the hood, so to speak, and share very deep similarities with the Secret Texts trilogy. The strong heroine and her love interest team up to save the world, after all their epic struggles all hope is lost, but no wait! All hope is not lost! Everything is actually wrapped up neatly with a little bow. Which was really surprising in the Secret Texts, the first time I read it, but rather predictable and implausible in both Korre books.

    If that’s just the way you roll, then this won’t change your mind. (That’s not a bug, that’s a feature, I guess.) But that’s how it seems to me. I find it predictable, I worry that it’s this close to getting stale. Maybe the rest of your readers don’t, and maybe they also thought the happy endings didn’t feel like they came out of nowhere. (I’m not complaining about getting happy endings… but these particular happy endings felt like they came at the ends of books that were building toward sad endings.)

    Oh, and good luck self-publishing.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Yeah, I SO want to write the Redbird book. She completely surprised me, and she is cool.

  23. Whitney Avatar

    I just read “the Silver Door,” and I loved loved it. But if I had known that it would end in a cliffhanger with no happy end (or end at all) I don’t know that I would have read it. I finished it yesterday and now I am in misery. Please help me!

    1. Holly Avatar

      I know, and I’m really, really sorry.

      The details on this series are here…

  24. Kathy Avatar

    I absolutely loved the Korre novels and would love to see more of this world, history, future, as it changes, how Tonks spreading through the world are affecting other cultures, all of it. It just absolutely fascinated me and I love the interplay of different cultures. I want more!

    Of course, I do understand that you need to write where your passion and heart is, where the plot bunnies run wild and where you are excited at the moment, because that’s what makes the stories great.

    Kudos to you taking a big (and scary) step, staying true to yourself is very important.

  25. Johanna Avatar

    I voted for Cadence Drake. That book stayed with me for a long time after I read it. I loved Cadence, and I loved Badger (and Tangerine!) and what I’ve read about your new ideas in the HTTS Walkthrough has me really excited. After that, I would love to see Moon & Sun finished, though I know that may never happen because you may never get the rights back. Other books by you that I really enjoyed were the Secret Texts and Sympathy For The Devil (which was hilarious!).

  26. Joanna Avatar

    I love Fire in the Mist more than anything else you’ve written, but it wasn’t because of the world that I loved it, it was the energy in the story and the characters. Thinking about it now, twin cities with magic universities segregated by gender isn’t really a new concept, but that scene where Faia rejuvenates an apple using farmhand magic, to the horror of all the stuck-up professors, is hilarious and brilliant. The destruction of Bright also got me hooked from moment one. As an eager teenager I was delighted to find out it was a trilogy, and then crushed that the energy didn’t carry through into the sequels.

    I’ll read pretty much anything you self-publish on your own terms, but I would love to see oddball or urban crossover fantasy that tramples genre boundaries, rides back and forth a few times, and then dances on their grave.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Me…me… ME! I’m really close on this one.

      (Ghostbusters quote.)

  27. Hugh Avatar

    I loved Hunting Corrigan’s Blood. I can’t wait to read more Cadence Drake.

    1. Hugh Avatar

      And apparently, I can’t use HTML tags correctly….

  28. Charissa Cho Avatar

    For me, the Secret Texts were my introduction to a world that wentbeyond what was present in most books. Closing them, I felt that the world could be explored even more,and the characters were engaging and had a core inner strength that really appealed to me, It was one of my first fantasy books,and I go back to it frequently to revisit that world and the characters. I’d love to see more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. kenbar Avatar

    My favorite of your stories (that I’ve read) is Last Girl Dancing.

    Next favorite was Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood. I would really like to see this made into a series — even though you killed off one of the characters who most appealed to me.

    Thanks for asking!

  30. Amy "Pearannoyed" Padgett Avatar

    World Gates was the first thing I read of yours and I loved it. I also thoroughly enjoyed the 2 paranormal suspense books of yours that I’ve read – Midnight Rain and I See You. But when I read the Secret Texts is, I think, when I became a confirmed fan of your writing. I prefer high fantasy to urban fantasy, and I love books that address real issues that don’t have real, easy, or “pat” answers – like how to fix what has gone wrong with a whole government system, as opposed to there’s one bad guy that we have to stop and then everything will be OK.

    I’m looking forward to reading everything you put out there, but the big story with far-reaching consequences is at the top of my list.

  31. H. Renee Avatar
    H. Renee

    Hunting the Corrigan’s blood was the first book I read (in middle school) that wasn’t sugar coated, and it has haunted me for years. Thank you, so much, for writing this book!

  32. Jessie Avatar

    What a tough choice! I would love to see more of both Korre and Arhel, as I loved visiting both worlds with their characters and their cultures and would love to go back. The World Gates series was also excellent, however, and I would love to learn what happened to Molly McColl and Baanraak as they tried to repair the dead worlds and – perhaps – find redemption. It might be time for me to get an e-reader.

  33. Lewinna Avatar

    Wow, Holly, congratulations. Your new website looks phenomenal. You are truly an inspiration. ๐Ÿ™‚ And you sound so very excited about it! You’ve totally been needing this. I’m going to keep watching this self-publishing trend, since I still am not sure what I am going to be doing with myself and my own books…

    That said, even though I LOVE your courses and your online communities and have gotten so much out of both of them so far, the only book of yours I’ve read yet is ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. It was great fun! Not knowing your particular style of SF or fantasy or the other genres, I can’t really give an opinion (though fantasy is definitely my favorite genre and the only one I really read, whether high fantasy or crossover or urban or cliche), but I did really like the zany, quasi-spiritual fun quality of the one book of yours I have read.

    Keep it up! I’m cheering for you.

  34. Tim King Avatar

    Hi, Holly. This is such a hard choice. The Little One and I have adored every one of your stories that we’ve read. We were looking forward to the third Moon & Sun book. I actually felt sad when I finished Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood (finished it the first time I read it, that is), because it was over, and I so wanted more, more, more. I continue to make my way through your backlist, collecting original copies of your books as I am able. But I voted for Korre, because Talyn and Hawkspar are of my all-time favorite novels. But they just edged out the others, just by a hair. I’ll be thrilled for as long as you continue to write stories and I can continue to read them.

    Keep writing!

  35. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    I’d lave to see the last Moon and Sun book, but what I really, really long for is the rest of “Talysmana”. You’re so close to the end, maybe you could write bits and pieces now and then to finish it.

  36. Irene P. Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    Congrats on becoming a self publisher! It must be scary to jump off the ledge, but the landing will be exciting and educational to say the least!

    Just one suggestion: consider changing the term “weblog” to simply “blog”. Blog seems to be a more contemporary use of the term.

    Keep up the great work! I admire you for taking a chance!

  37. Elizabeth Poole Avatar

    I voted for “other” because I would love to read the “Dreaming the Dead” book. Just from the scraps and pieces I’ve read I am hooked. Immortality and death is all over my SSM, and I really liked what you already did with the concept in Cady’s novel.

    That being said, if there’s a hitch with that one, my next vote is for Cady. I am not a big fan of science fiction, but I really loved how you blended science fiction with some fantasy-ish stuff.

  38. Penny Ash Avatar

    definitely Paranorman Suspense. There’s so much out there and so little of it is really good and orriginal.

  39. Shirls Avatar

    Although I voted for the paranormal suspense, I’d dearly like to read your oddball fantasy books. Will you be self pubbing all your back list? Will they be downloadable?

  40. Valerie Avatar

    Hey, Holly, this isn’t in regards to the question you’re asking here, but I just wanted to give you my sympathies for your migraine. My boyfriend suffers as well, and we’ve been through hell this July. He’s either got a headache or is prodroming or is recovering. He’s not had one day this month not affected by a migraine. So I know how awful it is to have one of those things that just won’t go away!!!

    Hugs, and I hope you feel better soon.

  41. Catie Rhodes Avatar

    I voted for your paranormal suspense. You did this genre better than anybody else. You inspired me to write something other than vampires with tattoos and werewolves with piercings. I’d love it if you published a few more.

    My favorite was your take on reincarnation in Night Echoes. ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. penny Avatar

    I’ve been asking for this for ever! So you KNOW I hafto ask here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it possible for you to finish Creating a World that was to be part of your Creating a … Clinic? I have creating a character, plot, language and culture… I’d absolutely love to finally have creating a world.

  43. Clare Avatar

    Secret Texts. They were the books that introduced me to you as an author and all the wonderful resources that you have provided to aspiring writers over the years. I loved the world and the characters and I don’t think I have ever been so absorbed in a fantasy trilogy before, or since.

  44. Zoe Avatar

    I’m torn. I almost voted for World Gates – those are some of the first books of yours I ever read (the very first was When the Bough Breaks, but the World Gates books were the first ones I read that weren’t a collaboration), and I love urban fantasy in the style that predates the current paranormal-romance type, and I still think about that universe sometimes and wonder what would have happened in the rest of the series. But in the end, I voted for more Korre books. Talyn is one of my favorite fantasy novels ever, and there was so much depth to that world and to those stories, and I would love to read more of those books.

  45. Anthea Avatar

    I’ll read pretty much anything you write – I am a confirmed fan-girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

    That said, my favorite of your series is the World Gates trilogy. I don’t know exactly what does it, but that set of stories really speaks to me. I re-read them every year or so, and have given them as gifts to at least one friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Stephen B. Bagley Avatar

    World Gate! World Gate! World Gate!

    No, seriously … World Gate! World Gate! World Gate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Nancy Sampson-Bach Avatar
    Nancy Sampson-Bach

    YEAH!!! Yes, I’m shouting. Cadence Drake is back! We are so happy we do the dance of joy around our little grey cube! Whoo hoo! Holly, please feel better, treat yourself like the exceptional human being that you are, and know that we are all behind yoiu 100% in your new life! Congrats. And YEAH!

  48. klharrds Avatar

    I voted for Cady’s universe.

    I really enjoyed HTCB and loved the characters and the worlds. I don’t see as much Science Fiction as I used to in most book shops (that I havent already read anyway) so some more SF in my life would be most welcome.

    I also have a real soft spot for Badger and like the way Holly is including him in the later books in the series.

  49. Rebecca Anne Avatar
    Rebecca Anne

    I would like to see more of TalysMana as that is the only fiction of yours I have read and enjoyed very much.

  50. Wolfhardt Avatar

    I LOVED the World Gates.
    It was a very clever concept with intriguing characters.
    I was crestfallen when I learned you wouldn’t/couldn’t continue it, as it had potential for at least 2 or more books.
    If you can come back to these worlds I would be very pleased .

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