What About YOUR Success Story?

Have you had success with one of my courses? If you have, I really want to hear about it. Please tell me below.

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One response to “What About YOUR Success Story?”

  1. tyu Avatar

    As of right now, I’m unpublished, about halfway through the first draft of my first novel (just hit 55k words). Because I’m known to the majority of my friends as an artist foremost, not a writer, they didn’t expect much from me when I asked if they wanted to read it. Apparently the quality of my work surprised the hell out of my husband and those few friends I’ve let read.

    The quality comes in a small part from the multitude of books I read, and the FM bimonthly newsletter, but a large part from your courses and articles.

    I think all of your courses have helped me greatly in some way, the culture and language ones the most. I’m excitedly looking forward to the Worldbuilding one, not to mention “How to think Sideways”, since your methods of brainstorming and coming up with ideas are very similar to my own.

    I also don’t want to seem like I’m sucking up, but you have to be my most favorite author. Your fantasy books alone do it, but you’re one of the very few who actually takes time to write the little how-to’s and help the rest of us out, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

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