Well, Today … Was One of THOSE Days

By Holly Lisle

First, I got about 165 pages of the LAST GIRL DANCING copyedits out of the way, so the day wasn’t a total wash workwise. But the little guy was sick. There was vomiting.

Then, my older kid started off to return his grandparents’ car. And the tire blew out 80 miles from here, and about 300 miles from there. And the car didn’t have a spare. And his cellphone was dying, and his recharger was at his grandparents’ house. So Matt went off to rescue the big kid, and I stayed home with the little kid, and that was pretty much it for work.

On the up side, the headache is better, everyone is now home and safe, the little guy is still feverish but sleeping, and tomorrow is another day.

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