Well, the site is now running without me

Last morning for a while that I’ll be doing any web-work at all. My e-mail is on auto-responder, the front page has only evergreen links and an apology, and the moderators are running the community.

So. I have the six-book proposal, the line-per-scene outline for the first book, and the first couple of chapters of the first book in front of me, as well as print-outs of Sheila’s crits (thanks, Sheila!) and it’s time to get to work for the day. Proposed book length, 120,000 words. Roughing in at 10 pages per scene, sixty scenes total.

Goals for this morning are, in order:
1) Get the last three thumbnails for the proposal revised
2) Get as many of the sixty scenes on paper in one-sentence form as possible, remembering conflict on every page, and all the stuff Sheila and I discussed that is unique to writing in the romance field

I’ll worry about goals for this afternoon later.

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