Well, that’s rather pleasant

1019 words, and the scene feels like it’s flying for me. Took me a bit of time to get rolling, but then I got seduced by the dark side of the ‘net, and surfed around looking at downloadable freeware for a bit before I really got to work. Didn’t actually find anything I wanted, though, aside from RoughDraft, a freeware text editor that Robert Sloan recommended on the discussion board this morning. Haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, but I did download and install it.

Speaking of word processors, I’m considering moving over to StarOffice. I have 5.2, and the 6.0 beta is available. And frankly, I’ve about had it with Microsoft. Word is a nice product, but I have no intention of upgrading to XP or any version of Windows that requires registration in order to work. I don’t feel like being that cosy with a big, aggressive corporation. Which means that, if I stick with Word, I’m going to get left behind.

Simple solution — get rid of Microsoft products entirely, at least in the areas where my livelihood depends on software.

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