Well … (stutter, stutter) well …. all-RIGHT-y then

I was doing quick background on the history of women’s underwear for this scene I’m writing. Mostly I wanted a nice synonym for ‘underpants’.

And I crashed head-on into The Museum of Menstruation & Women’s Health. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! (Yes, there is a link. To the “what sort of underwear did women wear in the past” question, the answer is apparently, “Mostly, they didn’t.”)

Talk about an eye-opening site. Shocking. Informative, in frightening ways. Be warned, this is not a site for the faint of heart. If you passed out from the tonsil chunks discussion, this will kill you.

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5 responses to “Well … (stutter, stutter) well …. all-RIGHT-y then”

  1. baka_kit Avatar

    Hmm…this has got me thinking. How would menstruation be handled in a world where blood is the power source for dark magic?

    Thanks, Holly!

  2. Tina Avatar

    See, this doesn’t bother me.

    I don’t think it’s any weirder or grosser to be underwear-free "that time of the month" than to wear a tampon or a pad. In the interest of not grossing anyone out, I won’t go into details, but either way the blood’s on SOME part of your body…

    And I LOVE the list of menstruation euphemisms. That’s such a keen resource for slang!

  3. Jean Avatar

    I simply MUST check this out. Will it answer the thoughts I’ve had all these years and been unable to express to anyone?

    Do they go where no one else dares to go? Will they dare to discuss…(way grosser than tonsils)…oozing clots?

  4. Holly Avatar

    The mind boggles. Or at least mine did.

    It was … well, it was interesting in the way a train wreck is interesting, in the sort of horrifying ‘can’t look away, wish it would just end’ manner of nightmares where you’re taking a test naked and you don’t know any of the answers.

    Only worse. Much worse.

  5. Nick Avatar

    Ooooh, the good old Museum of Menstruation. Would you believe I stumbled across that too? While looking for sanitary towel logos to illustrate my fanzine (just don’t ask). I wrote them a mail, wonder if they ever printed it

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