Welcome to 2016. Do something small right now

New Year resolutions tend to be enormous. Lose 100 lbs. Become a professional novelist. Make a million dollars.

By making resolutions this way, we make them impossible. The ONLY New Year resolution I completed successfully was this one. “Finish a novel before I turn 25.”

And I finished that one because I sat down and figured out how many pages I would would have to write per day to hit it. I fell behind on my self-imposed deadline a few times, but each time, I simply sat down and figured out how many pages I would have to write NOW. About two months before my birthday, I discovered that if I wrote twelve pages a day during the whole glorious week I was on vacation in our time-share at Myrtle Beach, I would finish the book a month early.

So that’s what I did.

You lose 100lbs one pound at a time. Write a novel one page at a time. Make a million dollars one dollar at a time.

I have a little video for you. Takes ONE minute to watch. Bear with me, because this isn’t about saving for retirement.

It’s just about doing something small. Today.


This matters. It’s the secret to living YOUR life.

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  1. Vera Lamb Avatar
    Vera Lamb

    If anyone ever deserved the support of the community to which she has contributed so much, it is Holly Lisle.

    How can I contribute from Canada without buying a t-shirt?

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