Weekend: Stressful…

Monday: Stressful plus expensive, with an unwanted 400-mile round trip one-day drive thrown in just to make things even more of a pain in the keester.
Today, with problem solved, and day open for writing and family: Priceless.

For what it’s worth.

Saw the comments on the snippet, and realized that a snippet would be the perfect thing to post every Friday before I shut down for the weekend. (On Fridays when I’m writing rather than revising, anyway.)

What do you think?

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10 responses to “Weekend: Stressful…”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Hi, TJ. Thanks for asking. We’re fine. We spent the day under tornado watch, and we got a ton of rain and high winds, but we didn’t get hit.

  2. TJ Avatar

    You okay out there, Holly? Every time I hear about some event in Florida, I wonder whether your okay or not. I’m a natural-born worrier.

  3. heather Avatar

    Sounds good to me. 🙂

  4. cherylp Avatar

    I’d read it.

  5. PolarBear Avatar

    Neat idea — if you have enough snippets for one a week. We’d love it.

  6. Angelique Avatar

    Love it!

  7. Chassit Avatar

    ooh, sorry you had a rough weekend, Holly. I’m glad everything has worked out now.

    A snippet on Fridays, that sounds like a great idea!


  8. TinaK Avatar

    Sorry you had such a rotten weekend and Monday!

    I love the idea of a snippet on Friday.

  9. klharrds Avatar

    Sounds like a great plan!

    Sorry that your weekend was so stressful, I hope the week is easier on the nerves.

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