Wednesday From the Mini-Vacation

Have done no writing yet. But my youngest does stop-motion videos, and he and I put together his most recent one–a process that took four days and about twenty hours.

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5 responses to “Wednesday From the Mini-Vacation”

  1. Peter Knight Avatar

    Wow! Setting, character, conflict … got the lot! He “…an interesting ten year old …”. Twenty five more?

  2. Holly Avatar

    He’s a pretty interesting ten-year-old. The part that scares me is that he has about 25 more movies sitting on my hard drive, and he’s writing scripts and planning sound effects and new ways to do special effects even as I write this.

  3. heather Avatar

    Awesome job! I can appreciate the hard work that went into this. I just (last night, at 2am) finished my final animation project for school. Whew. Hours and hours and hours. But it’s really satisfying to watch your own movie. So, I just wanted to say great job!

  4. JeriT Avatar

    Aren’t you about to burst with pride?

  5. cherylp Avatar

    Like mother, like son. 😀

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