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Halloween Hopes
2 years ago

Hi Holly,

I had a bad dream: Holly Lisle never finished ‘Warpaint’… I checked the web … … … ‘Warpaint’ was where it belongs, right after ‘Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood’:
Here is the backstory. When years ago I was writing my novel, I used to be on your email list and read your blog. Then, I quit my novel and started writing songs (why? – it’s another story) while you were still writing ‘Warpaint’. Now, I bought your book because of a bad dream… I may need to reread ‘HtCB’. It’s one of my favorite books. I even keep it in a carbon form! It’s been a while since I read one of your books.
Holly, I’m so relieved that you are healthy and doing well!

Best regards,
Halloween Hopes

Shane Lees
2 years ago

OH WOW! Thank you so much for that in depth response. I forgot to mention an important detail, I am sorry. See when I wrote that I was listening to your podcast. Miami Mice is going to be a graphic novel. I am a sufficient artist to do this. I will get better. However I am not a writer. I’m not even a good one. But I have these amazing ideas and I have to get them out. Which is where you come in. I need to learn how to write mystery, dialog, stage a scene. SOOO much. And I suck at writing.

Anyways when I just went back to work after spending 2 months residential treatment for anorexia and an exercise addiction. I devoted so much time to my addiction and eating disorder. I am putting that energy into my art. I will be purchasing a membership. Because I need so much help writing.

Thank you so much for that in depth response. I appreciate it so much because I need a lot of help.

Shane Lees
2 years ago

I listened to the episode for world building. I am writing a science fiction about mice. It’s 500 years in the future and some rodents are sentient and intelligent. My world is a character in the book. Its going to called Miami Mice. Can world building be over descriptive. Think of Miami, miniaturized and in a sewer.

3 years ago

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