Weasel of My Dreams

I was walking through a spacious, beautiful house last night in my dream, admiring the play of light through the windows and following some sweet music that I could not quite catch. My family was around, but not with me, and the whole mood of the place was bright and happy.

I passed a couch. Gold, brocade, old-fashioned, set so that I could walk behind it and see it and the Oriental rug in front of it, and on the rug, something small and furry and awfully cute. A round-faced little creature — cat, I thought at first, but the body resolved (as bodies do in dreams) into the sinuous length of a ferret, but with a dark, sleek, uniform color. Weasel, I thought.

And had no more than thought it when the little bastard launched itself into the air with one powerful spring, bounded over the couch, and landed on me, where it proceded to tear into me with its pointy little teeth while I swatted at it and looked around for something to clobber it with and yelled through the house that the weasel was biting me. At which point I woke up.

So what the hell was that about?

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10 responses to “Weasel of My Dreams”

  1. Adarious Mistdancer Avatar

    Hmmm, well I have been recently spending quite some time here at this site because other than poetry (which is on my homepage..plz sign guestbook!), It has been 7 years since I have written and I used to be really good until I got a computer.

    What drew me to the replies here was a dream I had had, and several actually that seem to have relation here. In one recent one that is still crystal clear in my mind a week later, I was walking through the house I grew up in and I went into the upstairs. I walked to the end of the hall into my own room which I’d shared with my brother. Upon entering I saw my brother sitting in a chair near the door looking disturbed. He pointed at the closet and said something to me… the words he said are the only thing I can’t recall.

    Then I moved toward the closet, which is a strange closet as the house roof/its ceiling slants at quite an angle. When I entered it I found not a closet area…but instead a wilderness type area with forest on either side of me, and a river with two grassy banks in the middle, with a campfire in the distance.

    About this time I noticed movement in the distance of this wilderness. What I saw next Reminds me of a cross between a large ape/bear with long arms/legs and with the ability to fly. Then I heard it .. it emitted a roar that sounded like a cross between a high-pitched Scream, and a fantasy type dragon roar all in one. It began to come toward me and the room.

    At this point I ran out of the closet and tried to warn my brother. But here I had one of those moments where you try to talk and nothing comes out no matter how loud you scream. I felt petrified and so I ran out into the hall toward the stairs. About the time I got to the top of them I stopped and turned. At which point a young, dark haired woman was standing there with a distraught expression. She said "Please you have to help us!". This was the point at which I jolted awake feeling 20 degrees warmer than the room temp in the house at the time. I still don’t know what to make of it.

    In light of all this, It would seem that house dreams are a frequent thing for me .. many recurring. I see a potential similarity between this weasel and the beast in my dream but I was hoping for a bit of light on the dream…

  2. Ivy Avatar

    Jungian psychology says that dreams of the house are a metaphor for our psychological state. I’ve found this to be the case in many of my own and my friends’ dreams.

    For example, dreaming of a scary basement means that something unpleasant is lurking in your subconscious, a cluttered room means lots on your mind, and so on.

    Sound to me like your house is in good order right now except for one nasty issue. This issue is something you don’t recognize as dangerous at first. Give some though to what the weasel represents to you and see if something is worrying you related to that.

  3. Sheila Avatar

    Did the weasel want to take over the world? I have an evil stuffed bear from my latest nightmare who will be happy to take him off your hands. 🙂

  4. Cas Avatar

    (beauty, family) You’ve been very comfortable. Or comfortable on the surface, but maybe also exclusive a bit lately since the family isn’t present but you sense them.
    (standing behind the couch) could be a few things; you need to look into the background of something, or behind the scenes of something.
    (brocade, richness) Something is presenting itself to you as rich and beautiful.
    (kitten, weasel) Things aren’t what they first appear to be, and it might be right in front of you.

    Conclusion: Everything is all right, but there’s a nasty little problem that has, or is about to, pop up (pop goes the weasel).
    Double check everything – contracts, offers, agents, family, house bills, and make sure all is in order. Since the family wasn’t there with you, it seems more closely related to you, and the house not being yours may mean it’s something that originates from outside the home field. Things that might first appear to be fine, might not be so upon closer inspection.


  5. Rob Flumignan Avatar

    Well…we could get Freudian here, but…ah, never mind. 🙂

  6. David Stone Avatar
    David Stone

    My immediate thought was also that it’s related to the problem within Talyn. Maybe not litteraly weasel words, but some small thing that has broken the harmony of the rest of the book and put the whole thing out of line.

  7. Brady Avatar

    Weasels! They’re cute until they rend your flesh.

    I’d agree with tambo, or add: weasel = weasel words… maybe there’s something in the book that seems too non-committal.

  8. Jean Avatar

    I’m with tambo.

    Or maybe you just had to go to the bathroom. That’s usually what those mean for me. 🙂

  9. tambo Avatar

    Morning, Holly. 🙂

    I think it might have to do w/ your Talyn problem. You’re writing this big book, much bigger than you’re used to, and it hold the promise of new, "better" things for your life, for your family…

    And just when you’re finding your way around, enjoying the view, starting to feel like yeah, I can do this, you notice the animal, the distraction, the living thing that spells trouble… and instead of you turning away and continuing your journey through the house, the beast attacks you.

    I really think it’s just your brain dealing with the Talyn problem in its own dream-state way. All that space, almost three times what you’re used to, plenty of room… and the little weasely problem you’re now facing.

    I’m no dream expert, but I can see the parallel.

    Good luck fighting that weasel. I have faith in you and that you’ll find a way.

  10. flint Avatar

    It means you shouldn’t go wandering around in rich people’s houses without permission. Their highly trained guard weasels will get you. 🙂

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