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  1. LOL, yeah, I know. I just couldn’t test it until after the post and couldn’t edit it once I had posted :).

    Thanks for signing up. I’m crafting a basic response email right now.


  2. Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your interest and yes, the more the merrier. I’m sure Holly would like to know that my integration points can hold up to at least 24 folks.

    The beta as it stands is not quite ready for testing, but all but one large aspect (and one relatively isolated one) should be ready in the next couple of days.

    If you are really interested, please send your email address to me, using the link below. If that doesn’t work for you, just make sure the Subject line is “Holly Beta Testers” so I know what it is about and make the normal adjustments with no spaces.

    margaretfisk AT comcast DOT net

    /me just hoping this works 🙂

  3. I’ve done some beta testing for Mar before and I’m good at hitting the wrong buttons in the wrong order. On a 1-10 profiency scale, count me a 2 or 3 at max. Willing to help as needed.

  4. I’d give my technical proficiency at 7, so while I won’t fix your code, I’d be happy to slither around in it.

    Plus I use Macs, Linux-run machines and PCs so I can check how things look on different configurations.

  5. Holly,

    My husband is a quality assurance manager at a software firm in Cary, NC (RTP area). He “breaks” code for a living. If you’d like, I know he’d love to have a go at this. I am available during the day periodically as well. Let us know what we can destroy, umm, test for you! (Our motto is, the family that slays together… okay, you’ve heard that one? 🙂 )

  6. I’d love to do some beta work for you. If you need more hardcore testing, my hubby works with computer security and e-mail. E-mail me if you’d like him to pound on the site, too. He can beat it up as much as you like…

  7. Dear Holly,

    I’m a freelance web-designer, and another one of those people who dream in PHP, Javascript, C++ and Java. If I can be of any use to you in this project, just say the word.

    Also sign me up for beta-testing. I’m always up for betaing things.

  8. Holly,

    You may still need some vacating, as you say, but the vacating you have accomplished has definitely helped your mischief gremlin. 🙂

    I’m sitting in the library near Mom’s at the moment (ah, that Best Ending Ever we discussed — “they all moved to Kentucky and lived happily ever after” — except that AOL dialup won’t let me access my secure work sites. In any event, I drew stares when I chuckled as I read “I dream in optimized Machine code.”

    In any event, you can also count me in as a beta tester. Not that I dream in optimized Machine code (though I think I have dreamed in poorly executed FORTRAN, and I know I’ve had nightmares about C/C++), but I definitely can speak in both PC and MAC mouse. 🙂

    Good luck with getting the site going.


  9. I’ll help too, if you need me. I’m more toward the “Does it have Internet? Some type of word processing software? Then I don’t care (or know much) about the rest of it” end of the tech scale. =)

  10. I’m more than happy to help test the store. I’ve actually done so in the past when I was running a very large community with a store. So just let me know.

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