Way of the Cheetah

Way of the Cheetah, by Lynn ViehlI’m excited and delighted to announce the arrival of Way of the Cheetah: How to Boost Your Productivity, by Lynn Viehl (aka PBW and a host of other names). I’ve read it already, it’s a fantastic book, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer it.

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About the author: Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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  • Anaisyoma Jan 21, 2006 @ 23:25

    I looked on the store’s website for a feedback area, but to no avail. Since I don’t want to bog down the support e-mail address with something unrelated, I figured that a comment was the next best thing. I recently ordered ‘Way of the Cheetah’ and due to a mistake on my end botched the download. I e-mailed the support address and hoped if I prostrated myself enough I would still be able to receive the e-book, even though the download error was on my end. I sent the e-mail, did the mandatory thumb twiddling, and wept for my lost e-book. Not five minutes later into my inbox pops a message from Holly saying SHE is sorry complete with the attached PDF…

    Now THAT’S customer service.

    Not that there was ever a doubt…

  • arainsb123 Jan 21, 2006 @ 22:19

    Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!! I have an awful voice in my head that’s constantly telling me that I waste too much time, that I don’t write enough, etc. Reading this book should help me to shut it up; and even if it doesn’t, I have no doubt that it will be a great read. I love PBW’s blog and the Way of the Cheetah series she’s posted there.

    I’m ordering this ASAP.

  • carlie Jan 21, 2006 @ 20:29

    Just noticed that part one is called “eye of the cheetah”, so that is probably where I got it from… ok, will stop spaming you now!

  • carlie Jan 21, 2006 @ 20:14

    p.s. And for some reason it has me singing ‘way of the cheetah’ to the tune of ‘eye of the tiger’ 😛

  • carlie Jan 21, 2006 @ 20:12

    Way ahead of you – I’ve already bought it 😀 Just finished printing it out!

  • PolarBear Jan 21, 2006 @ 20:12

    Everything appears to have gone well, and WOTC is nestled comfortably on my hard drive.

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