WARPAINT type-in: Remembering “slow” is relative #WABWM

By Holly Lisle

9:05 AM

Have been working since 7:30 AM. Had to do student support first.

Yesterday I cleared over 10,000 words of the type-in (two chapters) including adding 3693 new words to the story.

Most of those new words were NOT in the type-in. The story is getting better and tighter as I do this—but again, this is ALWAYS the process. Mark up the manuscript, go in, fix things even more while ignoring a fair amount of the markup in favor of new stuff.

I’m a bit less that halfway through the manuscript: I’m on 163 now, and not including the thumb-thick stack of handwritten pages I added, the manuscript has 394 pages.

Today, my objective is simple—get through as many of them as I can while doing it well.

I get frustrated by how long this is taking…but then I remember, when I finish, there will be no more revisions. Some people spend ten years on this process.

If type-in takes me two weeks, I will not lose my temper with myself.

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