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WARPAINT type-in is going slo-o-o-o-o-owly #WABWM — 11 Comments

  1. Holly,
    Take the time it needs. You are an inspiration to me. Doing my third novel as a NANOWRIMO Newbie and at 25,000 words, averaging 2K a day (That sounds nice.) Had 4444 Sunday for perhaps my biggest writing day in my life. So far I don’t think there’s anything that would be fine with a rewrite. So I think a HTRYN purchase is in our joint future! 😉 Looking forward to reading Warpaint before I start an edit of my soon to be new novel!

  2. Well, I wrote something today, for the first time in weeks. And it’s snowing. I think I’ve done all the butt-kicking I can manage for now; but I’ll do more this evening. 🙂

  3. Started and completed chapters 12 and 13 of the type-in. Have written 3693 new words today. Many of these were not even from the write-in, because I realized I was missing something incredibly cool that hooks into something else later in the story…something I NEEDED a hook for.

    So, got that.

    But now have the Mother of Migraines. Going to have some Tylenol and aspirin, but I’m probably done for the day. :/

  4. I’ve been doing the Write a Series workshop and at first I thought I’d solved this huge problem I was having with my series idea, and I was super excited, but after more brainstorming and asking myself questions (and getting some feedback from close friends) I’ve realized that I still haven’t fixed the problem. So I have to keep hacking away at it, keep developing, see if I can fix it.

    I think the problem comes from trying to make this theme I want to write about fit with these other story ideas I have, and the honest truth is that they might not be compatible. In which case, maybe what I need to do is develop multiple ideas so that I can work on one without feeling like I’ve abandoned the other — I’ll just come back to it later.

    I love writing, but sometimes it kind of kicks you in the butt over and over.

    • Just realized what a downer that comment was!! Forgot to say this:

      You’re going to do great Holly! I know Warpaint is going to be such a good read. You have overcome such crazy obstacles, I’m pretty sure nothing can stop you. After all, everything Cady learned about ass-kicking, she learned from you.

  5. Holly – Thanks, just thanks for including us in your process. It’s like reading a graphic novel where our heroine struggles with a host of setbacks but keeps going only to succeed gloriously in the end.

    Heading for the halfway mark of NaNo today. I’m at 24071 – hoping to add another 2K.

    • Jen, that’s great. Halfway, and it’s not the 15th yet. Color me envious. I’m behind at just over 11K. Sigh. Back into the fray as soon as I finish paying work today!

      • Thanks Carol! And 11K is nothing to sneeze at! I keep plodding along in 15 minute increments – that seems to work for me at this point in time (can we say “short attention span??) – a trick I learned from the totally unrelated Flylady website (house cleaning of all things).

        May your words be plentiful and your characters sassy!

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