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WARPAINT IS DONE!!! #wabwm — 23 Comments

  1. Can hardly wait to get my hands on it, Holly. I wish I could write that fast. NaNo nearly killed me this month and left me with little time to get anything else done. How you do it so well is beyond me, but I’m so glad that you can.

    Congrats on seeing the finish line.

  2. I am VERY VERY impressed!

    What with the various sorts of pressures you’ve been under including medical, you knocked that book out in what–? Three-ish months??

    I ain’t mad atcha!

    Way to go!!

  3. Congratulations on reaching the end! Between the evil day job and migraines, I have not been writing much. Hope to be back on track soon.


  4. That is so cool, Holly! I’m really happy for you. I haven’t had a chance to read the books yet, but I’m trying to manipulate my mom into buying them, seeing as the story she’s been working on for ages is also a sci-fi story with a FMC. Me, I’m buried in fantasy right now, and Child of Winter is going well enough I think I might finally FINISH a manuscript! (I’ve had a chronic finishing issue for around ten of my seventeen years).
    Seeing this made me feel even better about it, and I think it’s great that you’re finally finishing books again! Four years is a long time. I hope your writing goes wonderfully!

  5. Holly, you are an inspiration to me, thank you so much, look forward to reading your book Warpaint.
    From Jeanette.

  6. Many thanks for the congratulations.

    I realized this is the first novel I’ve completed since June, 2008, when I started into an initially unintentional strike from commercial publishing. The causes were the twin debacles of the HAWKSPAR/Tor book-gutting and Scholastic’s one-two punch of holding my check for six months after accepting the book, (thus destroying my credit for quite a few years), then telling me that they’d consider a third book, but only if I was willing to take a significant pay cut.

    I am an utter wreck. I’ve always been a wreck after I hand a book over to an editor (USUALLY without cause), but since I sold my first novel in 1991, this is the only time I’ve ever not written one, usually two, and once four, novels in a year.

    So I have lots of work to do today to keep my mind off the fact that the book is now being read by someone other than me.

    Knowing me, it won’t help a damn bit.

  7. Done is Awesome! I can’t wait to read WARPAINT! 😀

    4065 words for NaNoWriMo today. Some of them might actually make it into my revised draft, the rest, well they were fun … 🙂
    Sometimes the words feel more like a fling than a serious attempt at novel writing. I hope that’s normal. 😉

  8. Congratulations. Completing the act of creation is a feeling like no other.:)

    I stopped in to thank you. I haven’t been able, due to my fixed income, to purchase any of your lessons. But I do receive your email tips under my real name, and I have read pretty much every bit of free advice you offer. I wanted you to know that your enthusiasm, and your encouragement, have helped a lot toward my recent jump into self-publishing.

    So far, the number of stories I have sold will leave a few fingers left over. But the year is young, and I intend to keep going. Even if I never sell any, at least I am doing it.

    Thank you. It made a difference.

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