Want to write a book with me?

By Holly Lisle

Got 506 words of Dreaming the Dead tonight, and put my MC in a situation where she’s not sure if she’s been captured by friendlies or enemies.

And I realized what I’m doing right now creates a perfect opportunity for folks who want to write a novel but who need a bit of a boost to get it done.

I’m doing between 250 and 500 words per night, Monday through Friday.

If you want to pace me and write a book of your own, I’ll set this up a couple different ways.

BEGINNER: You can do the minimum words every night I write. At 250 words per night, you’ll finish a 100K novel (normal length) before or at the same time I finish my novel.

INTERMEDIATE: You can pace me—get my word count from the blog every day and match that, take days off on the days that for one reason or another I can’t work. You’ll finish a 100K novel way before me.

ADVANCED: You can pick your own wordcount, and just sign in as often as you like to report your progress.

This is a low-pressure gig: The idea is just for you to get the feel of writing a book by doing small amounts consistently. I’ll finish novel, so I’m a good pace rabbit, and for this book, I’m not working at the insane high-pressure speeds that make people think “I could never do that.”

You can do this. So. Want to? If you do, just post a reply to this message, and I’ll set up a thread that you can, if you wish, subscribe to so you’ll get your next day’s word count as soon as I finish my writing every night.

Let me know.

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