Want to write a book with me?

Got 506 words of Dreaming the Dead tonight, and put my MC in a situation where she’s not sure if she’s been captured by friendlies or enemies.

And I realized what I’m doing right now creates a perfect opportunity for folks who want to write a novel but who need a bit of a boost to get it done.

I’m doing between 250 and 500 words per night, Monday through Friday.

If you want to pace me and write a book of your own, I’ll set this up a couple different ways.

BEGINNER: You can do the minimum words every night I write. At 250 words per night, you’ll finish a 100K novel (normal length) before or at the same time I finish my novel.

INTERMEDIATE: You can pace me—get my word count from the blog every day and match that, take days off on the days that for one reason or another I can’t work. You’ll finish a 100K novel way before me.

ADVANCED: You can pick your own wordcount, and just sign in as often as you like to report your progress.

This is a low-pressure gig: The idea is just for you to get the feel of writing a book by doing small amounts consistently. I’ll finish novel, so I’m a good pace rabbit, and for this book, I’m not working at the insane high-pressure speeds that make people think “I could never do that.”

You can do this. So. Want to? If you do, just post a reply to this message, and I’ll set up a thread that you can, if you wish, subscribe to so you’ll get your next day’s word count as soon as I finish my writing every night.

Let me know.

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99 responses to “Want to write a book with me?”

  1. Julian Adorney Avatar
    Julian Adorney

    I’d love to join! Unfortunately my currentwriting software (TextEdit) doesn’t have an automated word count, but as soon as I get Microsoft Word installed I’ll start posting. It should be a good way to keep myself accountable.

  2. Keith Avatar

    I am looking to find help from someone to write a book of my story – Prison Guard to Prison Governor to Prisoner via the Betting Shop

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Keith. You’re not in the right place. Do an internet search for “ghostwriters.’ Folks here are writing their own stories.

  3. Julia Mozingo Avatar
    Julia Mozingo

    Yes, please add me to the list. Thanks, Holly.

  4. Mary Becnel Avatar
    Mary Becnel

    Yes, count me in. I love your humor. I AM having fun when I write and read with you. Mary

  5. Researcher Avatar

    I am in.
    It is always better when you have others to cheer you on.


  6. Ameasha Avatar

    Hi Holly, Ameasha here. Sounds like an awesome challenge and a foundation for terrific motivation. Now is this writing going in to your book or can it be used for what we have been currently working on. I can’t even begin to tell you how many words I have written. It’s on lined full scrap, if they still call it that and typed on one side, doubled spaced for editing and works out to 37 chapters so far, with three left for the ending. So if this makes any scene at all, please l sign me up also.

  7. Ellie R. Stanley Avatar
    Ellie R. Stanley

    I’m so there.

  8. SherylA Avatar

    Thanks so much for doing this. I just found out about it today, but definitely want to be in!

  9. SM Blooding Avatar
    SM Blooding

    I’m in the middle of revisions or else I would! I can’t wait to get past the revisions so that I can write. *whimper*

  10. deb Avatar

    count me in. i’m in the midst of unpacking right now, but should be set to get started on monday. I can devote my lunch hours to writing instead of BS-ing.

  11. catie james Avatar

    I’d like to join the list too please Holly. Thanks!

  12. Lauren Avatar

    I’m willing to give it a go! Thanks for the invitation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Laura Avatar

    I’m on board! Thanks so much for the opportunity. I used to find it helpful to meet weekly with a writing group, but I think this will be even better. I love the challenge of it; there’s just enough competition (on my part) to give it a fun edge in addition to helping me meet an important personal goal.

  14. Elizabeth Avatar

    Sounds great. I could use a push and encouragement to boot!! Thanks.

  15. Velvet Avatar

    This sounds great!

  16. Pam Avatar

    I’m inspired, and in.

  17. Elise Avatar

    Sounds like what I need to keep the momentum from doing Book In A Week last week. I’m game!

  18. Dee Avatar

    Got 450 written today. Not bad for a start, I guess.

  19. Mare Avatar

    Oh this might just be what I need. I just thought of an idea I wanted to work on and this might get me to do it.

  20. Don Avatar

    I’m in

  21. christie Avatar

    i’m in.

  22. rachelle jensen Avatar
    rachelle jensen

    hi holly –

    sign me up! i think that’s right.. not sure how it works, i just look at your word count everyday on the blog?

    thanks so much,

    1. Holly Avatar

      Check the most recent post. If you’re doing the pace version, you’ll find my wordcount, which you’ll try to match, there. If you’re doing the 250 baseline, you only need the most recent post to log in with your own progress. ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Barbara Avatar

    Progress report. Okay. I’ve wirtten about 500 words since my last comment. Not sure of the quality. There are words and there are words. At least I’m writing.

  24. melissah Avatar

    Why not? I’m in.

  25. 'Becca Avatar

    I love the idea of having a “pace rabbit” and to keep myself involved, will update my blog every day on my progress. Kicks in the butt always appreciated at http://worldsinprogress.blogspot.com

  26. Sarah Collins Avatar

    Awesome! Count me in. I earn a living with non-fiction but my current love is my novel and it’s so hard to find time to work on it. This is exactly what I need! I’m at 28,034 words right now and my goal is 500 words per night. You’re ON!

  27. Barbara Avatar

    I think this will definitely encourage me to keep on going. I’ve got one novel with about 70,000 words and am desperately stuck in the middle but I know it has potential. I used to post it on a writing website but once I stopped, I found it difficult to carry on. I’ve also got another couple of books on the go and really need at least one cheerleader to keep me going. I love this idea. Thanks so much. You can definitely count me in.

  28. JWRR Avatar

    yes please

  29. Lisa Avatar

    Count me in!

  30. Rob Avatar

    This is pretty cool. Just curious: Are you still writing by ten-minute magic? It sounds, from the pace, that you aren’t writing to a timer on this one. Any particular reason? Just for the fun of it?

    1. Holly Avatar

      I live by my timer. So, yes, I’m still using it. I’m just using it without pushing myself to see how many words I can get in those ten minutes. Instead, at the moment, I’m focusing on getting a specific section of a scene done—one single point in what I want the scene to accomplish.

      It’s a fun and focused way to get words done, and a different approach for me.

  31. Harley Ferris Avatar

    Perfect timing–I’m in!

  32. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    I’m in.

  33. Marsha Roberts Avatar
    Marsha Roberts

    Holly, I would like to do this. I’m about 20k words into my novel as well. I am in serious need of motivation, so I believe maybe this will help get me in gear. Thank you!

    Marsha Roberts

  34. Faith Avatar

    This sounds like a great idea… I’ve been so caught up in editing my 2 current manuscripts that I’ve not had anyone push me into working on anything new… sounds like this could give me the low-pressure boost I need ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Klharrds Avatar

    Sounsd like a good plan. Sign me up.

  36. TEMAR Avatar

    Count me in! Thanks.

  37. Jessica Avatar

    I’m definitely up for some motivation – actually I’ve been trying to pace along with the blog for the past couple of weeks now – some success, some not but it’s good at keeping me going!

  38. cherylp Avatar

    I’ve been wanting to do this. I’m going to try.

  39. Kim Avatar

    What a great idea! Count me in, please.

  40. Maggie Avatar

    Please put me on the list, as well. This could be a great help.

  41. Rachel Avatar

    Marvelous idea, count me in!

  42. Drake_Tesla Avatar

    Please put me on the list, too. I need to remember to write on my novel instead of just editing my short work.

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