Want to Recommend a HollyShop Book?

I’ve added a Recommendations section to the shop, where readers/customers can recommend books by authors or anything about the shop itself. Published recommendations will appear at random in the box, and will show the writer’s name (required), plus a link and a company name if you want to add them. An e-mail address is required, too, but that won’t show up.

If those of you who have purchased either of the two current books for sale on the site would like to recommend them to other customers, I know Sheila and I would both be grateful.

Categories are Shop.HollyLisle.com, Holly Lisle’s Books, Lynn Viehl’s Books, and Lazette Gifford’s Books.

Recommendations must be approved, but will not be edited.

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One response to “Want to Recommend a HollyShop Book?”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Thanks to Anders and Carter for the recommendations. Your comments are now rotating.

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