Want A “How To Revise Your Novel” Full Scholarship?

By Holly Lisle

I’ve put together a scholarship contest, and will be giving away 5 full scholarships to my upcoming course, “How To Revise Your Novel.” (Or smaller-value cash prizes—but still GOOD prizes.)

And I put together a nice little handout to help contestants come up with ideas, though it’ll also be useful for writers in general. The handout is The 101 Worst Things That Go Wrong In First Draft. I pulled all 101 of them from the 146 unique writing disasters I discovered in the survey I did a while back.

AND I did a demo video (which is … well … there’s a reason I don’t make many videos, but I do think it’s kind of funny). I based it on #27 from the handout.

Get the contest details, watch the video, and get your copy of the handout. All here.

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