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I love telling stories.  I love fiction, I adore writing it, and now I’m writing only and exactly what I want to write and what my readers want to read.  If you love something you’ve read here and you want to see more of it…

If you’ve read some of my novels and wonder if I’ll be doing any more work in the same world…

If you would really love to have me tell you a story about in a particular genre (even one I haven’t written in before)…

My only customers just became my readers.  I don’t have to shoot for a wider demographic, I don’t have to watch my numbers, and I don’t have to dread the Three Book Death Spiral.

I get to write stories you want to read and I want to write.  All the garbage that used to be in between that is now gone.

Cadence Drake Is Coming Back

I’m bringing out Cadence Drake I: Hunting The Corrigan’s Blood as the last of my first round of reprints, because I want to launch in the same day I bring out Cadence Drake II: Invisible Warrior, the novel I’m writing now. Following that, I’ve outlined and will be writing the remaining eight books in the Cadence Drake series.

I planned Cadence Drake as a ten-novel series when I started writing book one in 1996—and fifteen years later, I still love the story and the characters. So I’m doing the series I’ve been wanting to do since I wrote Hunting The Corrigan’s Blood.

After that? I want to hear from you. What you loved from my old work, what got lost between publishers and “the numbers”, what you’d like to read now.

I’m free.  I can write anything you love—I get to keep all my work in print, and I don’t CARE about the numbers.  I simply want to tell good stories to the people who want to read them.

Go to my blog. Join the discussion. And let me know what you want to read. I’m listening. (Frequently, I’m answering, too—but even though I don’t have time to answer every reply, I do read every one.)

And cool folks hang out on my blog. I hope you’ll join them…and me.

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