Wallpaper, Blinkies and Shinbangers: World Clinic moves forward #WABWM

Today in the Create A World Clinic, I started into one of my favorite parts of worldbuilding: developing active description.

Got 1044 words so far on how active description is different than the passive description that pushes readers to skim, and introduced the three critical elements of active description: Wallpaper, Blinkies, and Shinbangers.

It was a fun writing day. Looking forward to putting together the worksheets for this section tomorrow, and finishing up my demo.

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2 responses to “Wallpaper, Blinkies and Shinbangers: World Clinic moves forward #WABWM”

  1. Holly Avatar

    I’m having a lot of fun writing it. And the story I’m developing for it has gone from strange to stranger…but I’m enjoying what I get. 😀

    I’ll get it to you as soon as I can. Everything takes longer than I expect, and this is no exception.

  2. Amy Fahrer Avatar
    Amy Fahrer

    I am really looking forward to the World clinic. I’m doing HTRYN now, and slogging through this exact part of the revision process right now. Definitely wish I had been more careful about setting up my world in the first draft. Thanks for all you do, Holly!

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