WABWM: Where things go BOOM (hah!)

By Holly Lisle

8:59 AM

Had a wonderful birthday. Woke up at 1AM, though, and couldn’t get back to sleep until almost 5, so I’m running behind.

Today, I get to write the scene from the Warpaint cover. Setup is done, I have to demo the “way things are supposed to be” for maybe a page…and then I transition to Big Bad Stuff. :mrgreen:

Goal: 1500+
Starting scene: Last Call

I intend to kick ass out there today.

Hope you do, too.

Got it. šŸ˜€

Got it, got the next part, it worked out cooler than I imagined, and nobody had to come down with the stupids for everything to come together. Smart good guys, smart bad guys, and one helluva nasty scenario.

So the scene from the cover art now lives on the page instead of just inside my head.

And I have tomorrow’s twist! GOD, I love writing fiction. :mrgreen:


2163 words today because I just couldn’t stop.
74,038 for my total count.

And now the dilemma. I have roughly six thousand words left to hit my count, and five remaining scenes, each of which has been running around 2500 to 3000 words.

But that’s TOMORROW’s dilemma.

Today, I cooked.

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