WABWM: Wed, Sept 26, 2012

By Holly Lisle

7:53 AM

The way I’m feeling, not even the cat would have dragged me in. But whatever.

Cady awaits, and today’s scene, while requiring a replot, is going to be fun to write. I know the core bit, and I can’t wait.

GOAL: 1500+
STARTING SCENE: (was The Charity Of Demons. Replot rips that line out entirely, so my title will change, too.)

Get ’em! That’s my plan.

Hope you do, too.

11:48 AM

700 words, and I’m out. I am going to bed, and I will get up when, and only when, I am recognizable as a human being again.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you cannot beat physiology.

Write well.

END NOTE: FOR A WHILE, I’m going to post my daily WABWM run in the forum as I’m writing. When I’m done, I’ll copy my own run, bring it over here, and folks who would prefer to play on the blog can post here.

This is NOT the permanent state of things. I detest duplicating effort, and at the end of the trial run, I’ll decide which of these two formats does better for me, my readers, and the writers who are playing.

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