WABWM: This weeks, while WARPAINT cools down…

Writing a book includes:

  • Conceptualizing.
  • Outlining.
  • Writing.
  • Revision.
  • Production.
  • Post-production and promotion.

It includes all of these steps whether you are publishing commercially or on your own.

So I’ll be tracking all those other steps as I work through them on this board.

Today, the task on WARPAINT is to let it sit for a few more days so I can look at the whole book with objective eyes.

However, I’m in the witches’ brew of production, post-production and promotion simultaneously on Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood, and my task list for that book for THIS WEEK is as follows.

  1. Proof and correct print version of manuscript (Pages).
  2. Upload final print version of HTCB. (CreateSpace)
  3. Finish print cover layout. (Fireworks)
  4. Transfer corrections to epub versions. (Pages, Scrivener)
  5. Transfer and adapt high-res print cover to low-res epub cover. (Fireworks)
  6. Redo solo vocal track for Didn’t Expect That—the Corrigan’s Blood song. (GarageBand, Fission)
  7. Write the cover copy for HTCB. (Pages)
  8. Set up the sales pages for my site, Amazon, B&N, Apple, and possibly Kobo (Kobo is not impressing me) (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, WordPress.
  9. Put together the HTCB music video, and get it on YouTube. (Fireworks, Keynote, Photo-to-Movie)
  10. Print out my stripped-down list of HTRYN Worksheets so I’ll be ready to go on the revision next week.

So that’s my week. Starting now by reading the corrections my HTCB ARC readers have sent me, and fixing typos and other small errors.

Okay. Have finished the corrections from the list of typos my HTCB readers got in last night and today. Will collect and check lists that come before 8 AM tomorrow morning as tomorrow’s first job.

Now I need to see if I can get the solo voice track for Didn’t Expect That recorded to my satisfaction.

And then there’s the rest of that list…

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2 responses to “WABWM: This weeks, while WARPAINT cools down…”

  1. Lee Avatar

    Been offline for most of Oct. Verizon doing whatever it is they do with fiber optic lines in the complex…

    Happy belated Birthday Holly!

    During that time I did manage to complete final production on my backlist of 5 novels of my detective series and am now WIP on book 6, 3/4 of the way done.

    Something in it caught me totally by surprise. Having just chased down a suspect of a car bombing of a DCI she had just finished having a sinister conversation with, she sits in on the interrogation.

    Guy claims up and down he just happened to see the car go up along with a hundred other witnesses. My PC threatens to punch him out if he doesn’t stop lying and gets called out into the hall by one of the DIs interrogating the suspect.

    She tells him she really wasn’t going to hit him, then BOOM! Explosion from the interrogation room throws her and the DI hard against the far wall.

    No idea where that came from but several ideas which way the rest of the scene can go–and none of them pleasant…

  2. Lee Avatar

    Goal: 500 words of a scene that I saw in my mind’s eye a few days ago. I’ve been wanting to write this down. Finally I have a chance to do some writing!

    Actual word count: 575 and I have ideas to flesh out the scene.

    I can now see and hear and feel the landscape. Can hear and feel the snow crunching under my Main Character’s boots, the cold wind blowing stinging snow into his face, his hands and feet numb, collar pulled up around his ears, his overcoat too thin, his journey too far and the night too long. His all but hidden path takes him across a windswept snow-covered desert filled with treacherous unseen trenches and he hears the sounds of voices calling him–or is it the wind? (Beats me. I dunno yet.) 😉

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