WABWM–The Weekend Words, Part II

Your words. How are they coming, are you having fun, are you getting some neat new insights?

Hope your weekend is being wonderful to you.

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26 responses to “WABWM–The Weekend Words, Part II”

  1. JWRR Avatar

    no words yet since i deleted most of my words to start again for WABWM but im posting anyway so i have more motivation to actually wirte every day so that i will not look stupid to one of my writing idols

  2. Don Avatar

    Missed a day got 608 words in today things are going nicely.

  3. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    547 words yesterday. Um… don’t remember specifically what happened now, it was a while ago that I wrote! But I am having fun. Characters not so much, but that’s what’s fun about it, isn’t it?

  4. Rabia Avatar

    Still wearing the wrist brace (kinda awkward), but got 587 words last night. Threw my MC to the wolves (figuratively) by putting her in a roomful of angry relatives. She’s weathering it okay, but only because she has a strong ally. An ally I’m going to tug out from under her four or five scenes from now. Heh. I know it’s evil of me, but I am looking forward to that scene. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Storm Avatar

    Well, yesterday was my first day making a commitment to this project. I had a piece 2000+ words in, and yesterday, everything just flowed. I walked away from the computer with the story 2426 words richer — and even more surprising, they were what my companion calls “keeper words” — really good, solid progress that moves the story forward and develops the character(s).

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      Welcome. Have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Jason Avatar

    As with Marnie, just getting started. Wrote 1200 words so far today, but I happened to get an insight. I had writer’s block for the past two days puzzling over how to inject conflict into a dead scene. But when the villain shows up unexpectedly, there’s suddenly something worth writing about. Besides, Ryvass just discovered a beautifully preserved book from the ancient peoples, so it will be interesting to learn what’s inside. Gotta get Larse to translate it.

    Anyone else writing in college? I was told it wasn’t too hard before, but being a music education major I think things might be a little different.

    1. Yese Avatar

      Hi Jason,

      My name is Yese and I’m attending UGA. I recently made a serious commitment to write. I’m also a freshman… So I also know how demanding school is and how much discipline is required to write every day no matter how behind in school I am.

      What about you? What kind of fiction are you writing? What school are you at? ( I have heard that being a music major is rough) how long have you been writing? I just think it’s so important to find someone to relate to, ya know?

    2. Patricia Avatar

      I’m in the same boat as you guys, more or less…I’m only 19 (turning 20 in October) and pretty much fresh in college. Pretty sure I’m going to major in art somewhere, sometime, but right now I’m just worrying about core classes and getting all the “useless stuff” behind me.

      Never written a full out novel before, never even knew exactly how much I actually love writing until I started on this project. I’m not bad at writing, but I know for sure I’m not one of the greatest either. I’m just going to a community college, taking classes while trying to find time for doing the things I love doing. Best of luck in your writing!

      1. JWRR Avatar

        also just started hopefully we will all do good with group support – well done all those words everyone!

  7. Marnie Avatar

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mother, Rick.

  8. Rick Avatar

    No writing – sadly the weekend is anything but wonderful. Found out on Friday that my mother is out of remission. Going to kill any creative desire I have for a while, I think.

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      I’m so sorry to hear that, man. I hope she gets better, soon.

  9. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    500 words for my WIP. I really didn’t want to write. I had a very bad day, but I decided that wasn’t a good enough reason. So, I sat down and wrote a great small scene that ended up putting me further into my book then I expected. I then wrote 569 words for a future project. Finally, I had an amazing dream in the middle of the night that gave me a short story idea for later to write. All in all, a good writer’s day.

  10. HannaBelle Avatar

    Yesterday, 911 words. Some days I can get 500 or so in a short time, other days, like yesterday, seem to take over an hour.

    Holly, you asked if we are having fun or have some new insights.
    I ditto what others have said, about being energized by this pacing experience. I average 900 words a day and, as you may recall, I have struggled with writing for YEARS, the struggle being the battle between desire and execution.

    Insight AND fun. I find that writing feels good on a core level. I have a feeling of satisfaction on days I write and a lack of that same feeling on days I don’t.

  11. Khena Avatar

    Around 420 for me yesterday. I was hoping for more, but I had limited time yesterday, so I’m still happy with what I got. Most of what I wrote was reaction to what had happened the scene before, and a little more information on what exactly the Chaliun are.

  12. Treelight Avatar

    I rewrote about another 370 words, but lost about 350 words from the total. I knew this had to happen eventually, since I’m not directly typing my rewrite over the previous version and keep the old stuff as long as I’m not sure that the story has moved on beyond it. Still, a minus looks a bit depressing in the word-counter.

  13. Ieva Avatar

    Zero words on Saturday. I’ll be working like dunnowhat today though.

  14. Julian Adorney Avatar
    Julian Adorney

    1921 words tonight (or this morning, or whatever the hell we call these blurred hours where most sane people are asleep). It was fun, and the words came easily. I’m not sure how good they are, but they’re all there and (pre-revision at least) thats what counts.
    I should finish Chapter 6 (last chapter of part 1) tomorrow. After that, off to write one short story and edit a second. And after that, get back to my novel and write Part 2.
    Should be fun.

  15. Jessica Avatar

    559 good strong words on the new scene. Plus the 250 or so from yesterday – forgot to post before I fell asleep. The BFF is spilling her guts (figuratively) to the villain, while he edges on vampirelike tendencies and thinks of different ways he can kill her. For now she is giving mostly useless but occasional good info on the female MC. I like the effect; villain keeps wavering between killing and keeping her alive – but most cruelly, he is building up her confidence in order to tear it apart.
    Not as big as some other folk’s word counts but I let my sister read it and she was drooling for more, so I’m inspired to keep going – even if it is 4am already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    664 words.

    I spent a lot of time on the novel today but most of it wasn’t writing. I spent a lot of time printing things out and reading through trying to mark down the things I needed to resolve for the ending. I’m still worried about where the ending is going. I’m 55,000* words in and I’ve got 5.5 scenes to write before I need to plot out the ending but I’m going to feel much more comfy when I know what I’m writing TO. I think the point where I’ve cut off is actually the end of Act 2 (in a 3 act structure.)

    * My first draft was 91,000 words and I expected this to be around 80,000 when I started even though I totally ditched one of the main story lines and characters from the original story. So, I’m worried about the length now, too.

    The Sheriff wakes up tied to a chair in an emptyish kinda room. The Mage walks in with a glass of water and takes the gag out of the Sherif’s mouth. The Sheriff tries to convince the Mage to turn himself in while the Mage tries to convince the Sheriff to help.

    I’m about halfway through the scene. It’s going to open a lot of wounds and show a lot about both characters and their internal struggles. Hopefully.

  17. Adam Avatar

    got 800 more words in chapter 12, but still haven’t gotten done with it. kinda tired tonight so not going to push myself for more and i’ll just try to get alot written tomorrow night.

    Marnie, it has helped me significantly. i’ve made great progress since starting to comment here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Marnie Avatar

    Just getting started. Having pacing partners might be just what I need!

    1. Treelight Avatar

      Hi there!
      It certainly helps me. There seems to be a handful of suitable pacing partners for everyone here – no matter if you are a slow or fast writer.

  19. Kait Nolan Avatar

    324 this morning before getting going on my day.

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