WABWM–The Weekend Words, Part I

Okay. I feel like a wrecked train. And I’m DEEPLY grateful it’s now my weekend.

But…you’re writing. So. How are the words coming?

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22 responses to “WABWM–The Weekend Words, Part I”

  1. May Avatar

    1169 words.
    With this, I actually started my first chapter–after many failed attempts, I must say. But I like this one. It’s FAR from perfect, that is certain, but I’ll save the rewording for revision. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, if anyone has tried it, it is particularly hard to write in old english. I’ll get the hang of it, I guess, but it certainly is a good writing exercise. You should try it sometime.

  2. HannaBelle Avatar

    Sorry to hear you are still feeling bad.

    I got another 1000 yesterday. I did some more book math, and found I am on track with basic number of words goals. I left a lot of ampersands behind yesterday, just not sure what to call these people or what they call their superiors.

    Got structure for non-ficiton book proposal, but did not fill it out yet.

    Was pulling weeds earlier and suddenly had a thought on how to tell a story I abandoned years ago. I was not even thinking about it, how weird is that?

  3. Rabia Avatar

    I got my wrist brace and 687 words last night. Left my MC on the threshold of a room filled with people who have every reason to despise her and aren’t expecting to see her. Yay for her. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Stormlyht Avatar

    I have been studiously not posting on this thread for quite some time. Hmmm… must be because I’m still working on my collaboration and not my main work. That’s alright, I’ve been averaging around 3000 to 4000 words a day on my parts of the work. I’ve made that guess by taking the overall word count and halving it.

    I have ignored all thoughts of my main project and am planning on taking at least a month break from it. When I go back I’m going to read the whole thing through and decide my main plot, my mini plots, and what I want my characters to be at the end of it. Then I’m going to decide if I need to bring the love interest forward a few chapters or if I need to cut out the whole main *mini* plot that dominates the middle of the book. Ah well, I’m not dealing with it now.

  5. Patricia Avatar

    768 words last night, and both Ryan and me are starting to get anxious for the escape he’s planning. Let’s hope that impatience doesn’t get him (or his friend) into trouble.

  6. Charmaine Avatar

    732 words for Dog Show Detective, although it was supposed to be The Pirate Girl’s turn, I did at least do some structure and planning work on that today.
    Happy now have 2 chapters for Dog Show Detective, that’s almost a book right?
    Going to head to bed now (Aussie time) and read a bit of the How To Think Sideways lesson before sleep.

  7. Ieva Avatar

    600+ words. Well, it could’ve been better. Now I need to do some planning though (I sincerely hope that I haven’t gone majorly astray).

  8. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    0 words. It was a very busy kid night. I did work on my HtTS course, so writing activities were in the air.

  9. Debora Avatar

    359 words. I really didn’t think I had enough time to get any writing done, but I was wrong! I put on Holly’s ten-minute timer and was able to hurl myself back in time sooner than usual.

    Have to show up for work earlier than usual today, so I may or may not get any writing done. We’ll see.

  10. Khena Avatar

    Muddled through another day. Wrote 1300 words, which rather suprised me, since I didn’t really feel like I accomplished anything. I did finish the scene I was working on, and I do like how it ended, but it’s a lot bigger than it needs to be, and a little abrupt.

    But, Chapter 18 is done, and I refuse to look at it again… at least for now. And to ensure my good behavior, I will print it out and stick it in a binder, all ready for the revision =)

  11. Greg Avatar

    Got 561 on D&D and 1235 on OFL.

  12. Leah Avatar

    It has not for the past three days. Life caught up and overwhelmed me with too many tasks and duties. Tonight, I am back on course. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

    1. Leah Avatar

      853 words!

      The Spy, having caught the heroine, finds himself in trouble as a mysterious computer glitch wreaks havoc on his transportation’s systems, causing them to slowly fail and forcing the enemy forces to crash or crash land. When he discovers that she has gone missing after a fit of mental rage against the hero for causing his problems–and not knowing his rightful place in the universe, or staying away from “his woman”–and upon hearing an abandon ship siren, he escapes…

      …after deactivating all other life pods aboard, ensuring that no witnesses to his mistake remain.

  13. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    2700 yesterday, 957 today but I’m still not back to normal. Is it possible to catch a flue through the Internet ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, I’m looking for someone who can draw for a joint project (a serialized novel on the web which I will be doing in German and English). Does anyone know an artist? Stamina and the ability to meet deadlines is more important than style (although the pics should look better than mine).

  14. Adam Avatar

    Words came slowly, until the end. they were flowing by that time, but i’m getting tired and will come back to it tomorrow. got Kraz and the prophet out of the Hollows and free from the riot, as Tzal created the diversion they needed. They separated, as Tzal has a meeting that he needs to go to, and Kraz has to hide the prophet.

    added 1000 words roughly, so i hit my goal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Treelight Avatar

    I tried to, but the one sentence or so that I did manage till my laptop started doing weird things doesn’t really count. So that counts friday as another writing-free day, I guess.
    I really wanted to work on the story! But the vacation-planning took some time again this evening and then I watched a two-part movie which was better than I thought. And there went the time …

  16. Julian Adorney Avatar
    Julian Adorney

    I’m a cruel, cruel person.
    587 words this morning. My protagonist saw his chances of beating his destiny, and not only surviving but triumphing over his arch-foe, rise. For the first time in days he began to hope.
    Then I ripped it all away. It was fun.

  17. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    626 words.

    Another long day at work. I’m tired. I was thinking of taking the night off but decided I could at least get a couple of hundred words down. I spent a good chunk of the non-writing part of the evening (when I wasn’t zoning out watching a bad movie) thinking about my ending. It’s approaching very quickly now and with the normal drift that takes place during writing, my original ending totally doesn’t fit anymore. So I need to figure that out.

    The Warrior vampire, in the grip of an illusion, enters the Mage’s house and walks of his own free will into the trap. They spoke briefly and the Mage (and I) learned that Mecidian was NOT the vampire that infected the Mage’s wife with vampirism. Not quite the revenge kill that the Mage had planned but the Mage ritually sacrificed him and an innocent gladiator anyway.

    It’s for the good of mankind after all.

    Someone has to think of the children.

  18. Jim Mitchel Avatar

    With the kids back in school, my car breaking down, and the E.D.J. being extremely busy my writing time has been squashed to nothingness over these past few weeks. ๐Ÿ™

    But over these lost writing days I did learn something new about my villain. I learned that his motives were much, much deeper than I had thought.

    He whispered his true plans to me the other night just as I was falling to sleep. His intensions are much nobler than I had originally anticipated. He wanted to make sure I understood that.

    Luckily, the next morning I remembered exactly what he had told me.

    Today I finally had time to write. I finished the second scene of chapter 9.

    Word count: 452

  19. Jewel/Pink Ink Avatar

    404 words towards my horror WIP.

    666 towards a horror short story which I submitted to an online website today. It’s called “Roadkill on Grill” inspired by a thread a couple of days ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A good writing day. Definitely ready for the weekend. Have a good one!

  20. Sarah Avatar

    About 1300 words. I finished up the short story I started yesterday, with another 800 words. And an additional ~450 in my main WIP.
    Rough day, and the only way I’ve gotten any writing in at all is because I have supportive friends, who are okay with me huddling in the corner for a few hours, during game night. I think its time to go be social now.

  21. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    638 today, despite being really tired! Jack is sicker than he ought to be, even with having lost so much blood, and Lanira is worried about poison or something in the wound. She can’t find anything, though.

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