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WABWM: The WARPAINT Revision Schedule — 5 Comments

  1. I saw that Hunting the Corrigan’s Bloood is up on Amazon. Yay! Don’t know if you’re aware that the price is 9.19$ for international readers? (Or at least for me–I’m in Sweden.)

    I know Amazon sometimes automatically applies some sort of fee for international readers, and we do have taxes and stuff applied, but even with that, that’s still higher than most other similar e-books at Amazon. (That price is fine with me, btw, but I know some readers are very price-sensitive, so just wanted to give you a headsup if you were not aware of it.)

    Looking forward to the new novel!

    • You can always buy HTCB here on Holly’s site. Not as good as buying it from Amazon from Holly’s perspective, but if Amazon are going to be pains in the wrist about prices, I would not buy from them.

    • Hi, Selene,

      I’ve now heard. I have my settings to equivalent price in all currencies, but I’m aware that Amazon does raise prices when it thinks the market will bear them, then pocket the difference.

      I can spot it for myself when I visit the site logged out, then visit it logged in. As myself, I pay higher prices than the standard on just about everything I buy.

      It isn’t something I can fix, but you can buy directly from my shop if you have PayPal, and pay my price rather than theirs.

  2. Wow, Holly. It’s like writing was real work or something, amirite? 😉

    Seriously, I’ve been reading your one-pass revision tips, and I’m in awe. So much to get done, and such an efficient (if demanding) way to do it.

    But I need to finish the first draft before I can revise the durn thing. I think I’m finally climbing back out of something that was either a really bad cold or a really mild flu, and making progress again. Today, 1200 words of fixing the POV; 557 words of new material.

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