WABWM: Story Almost Escaped My Evil Plan

By Holly Lisle

7:37 AM

Am feeling considerably better today. And I left Cady in such an interesting bit of trouble yesterday, and quit writing before she could do anything but discover the start of what’s going to turn out to be…

…BAD. :mrgreen:

So this morning promises to be fun.

GOAL: 1500+
SCENE: Heroes’ Welcome

I’m cheering your progress.

Now, on to mine. HAH!

10:45 AM

Wow! And the consequences had consequences, and the scene took off for me. COOL stuff. It was starting to get out of hand, though, starting to take off with my story in a direction I didn’t want to go.

Managed to rein it in with a nice twist.

TODAY: 2269
SCENE: Finished Heroes’ Welcome

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