WABWM: Some words, but not enough

9:09 AM

I had to climb Mt. Everest to get here. Okay. Not quite. But I got a lighter laptop with a better screen on which I’ll now be writing fiction. And I had to get my software set up.

And I forgot what a pain in the ass it is to get software set up. So that was the last hour and a half. Argh.

I should explain, I guess. I work in the office, but I don’t write in the office.

I sit sideways on the couch (I pretend it’s a chaise longue) with the window open beside me while I write fiction, so I can see the palm trees and the weather and the traffic in front of the house. This separation of writing from work (course development, website building, student support, and so on) creates a mental wall between all the work that’s waiting for me in there, and what I do out here, which comes first and without distractions.

The other laptop was showing its age, and the 11″ screen turned out to be less than optimal for writing on a couch and a lap desk for long stretches. My head is up with this computer—may alleviate some of the headaches.

So. Software installed, I’m late getting here, but ready to work.

GOAL: 1500+

Hope your writing goes well today. And mine, too. :mrgreen:

11:50 AM

Final count: 1054.

Not enough, but the headache has shut down my creativity.

I’m going to push through on student support, which I missed yesterday because of migraines and vertigo.

Tomorrow will be better, if only that I don’t have to install software before I can write.

Hope you all have better days.

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4 responses to “WABWM: Some words, but not enough”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Good going, Kirsten and Sharon. It’s exciting to see the progress you’re making.

    And welcome, Danielle.

  2. Kirsten Avatar

    Unfortunately, I discovered I had an extra body that I need to spirit away. But I can’t just do that.

    Or can I?

    I’ve discovered that one way to coax the Muse out of hiding is to announce that I am writing tonight anyway, even if the words are yucky, or even if I have to leave the plot hole and go back to fix it later. Muse likes things to be pretty, not yucky, and so provides answers to my dilemmas in time to avoid that.
    And that’s what happened today. Lovely, sweet, and above all, story-appropriate answers, that felt like they had been there all along had I only been alert enough to see them. That did mean conjuring up a new scene from scratch, but before I could even make the scene card, the dialogue was playing out in my head, so I just started writing. I know this scene’s purpose; I know who is in it. I can fix the rest later.
    Unfortunately this will further inflate my word count, but I can only tackle one issue at a time. Right now I need to get all my loose ends tied up properly.

    Goal: Figure out how to remove the remains without wrecking the story, add the scene and write it
    Progress: Seven pages of uninterrupted Muse-guided words
    Scene: The Asylum of the Recollection
    Totals: 99,292/117k (plus seven handwritten pages)
    Mood: Oh yeah, The End, here I come … 🙂

    I hope your writing goes better tomorrow than it did today Holly!

  3. SharonW Avatar

    Poor Holly. Hope the new laptop and new posture help.

    Today: revised 1983 words from the older version of this story (written before I realized I needed to change pov). 389 words of new material; by tomorrow night, we should be innocently walking into the jaws of the first big crisis.

  4. Danielle Avatar

    I just wanted to say that after a lot of stopping and starting I finally decided to bite the bullet and get on with writing after finding ‘write a book with me’…so a huge thank you for the inspiring kick start!
    Cheering you on Holly!

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