WABWM: So I wrote on my birthday…

7:32 AM

I’m not really here. I’m a figment of your imagination, because today is my birthday, and I promised myself I would take my birthday off…

But this is not working. This is…

This is finding out what happens next.

Gotta know, so…

GOAL: None. It’s my birthday. I’m going to write until the itch has been scratched.
Starting scene: LAST CALL

The thing happens today. The thing I’ve been waiting to write since I started this book.

I think it’s so damn cool this scene is today.


1764 words for today, 71,875 words total, and I don’t have the whole scene, but I sure have the setup done.

Off to do birthday things.

Have a wonderful writing day.

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17 responses to “WABWM: So I wrote on my birthday…”

  1. Ieva Avatar

    Delayed happy birthday wishes, Holly! And it seems that your Muse had prepared a nice writing present too, how nice of her πŸ™‚

  2. Kirsten Avatar

    Have a wonderful birthday, Holly!

    I’m on the home stretch of this revision and it feels so good.

    Goal: Two hours impersonating a mean green revision machine
    Progress: One scene whipped into shape and updated in the master draft, three pages of the next one edited
    Scenes: Oxygen, Remember Be Here Now
    Totals: Another revised 1860 word scene adds up to 105,964/119k
    Mood: This came up in the shuffle and I sang along: β€˜I’m On Fire’ by The Boss πŸ™‚

    1. Holly Avatar

      Cheers on the revision. Making nice progress.

      The birthday was great. Thank you. Got a Kindle Fire, gift cards and guitar paraphernalia from family members, a replacement laptop, and a new (to me) guitar, a May 2000 Taylor 355 12-string.

      It’s in beautiful shape, and sounds amazing even with its current ratty-ass strings. I need to restring it today.

      Haven’t had a 12-string in about 20 years. They’ve gotten better.

  3. SharonW Avatar

    Happy birthday, Holly, and what a great present to give yourself!

    Sluggish today – I don’t know whether it’s allergies or a cold or just the way the temperature has suddenly fallen off a cliff into early winter levels, but I only churned out 269 words, and most of them will probably have to go later, much later, when I start revising. Well, it’s almost half a page, anyhow. That much closer to finding out what all these people are going to be doing by the time I’m done chronicling them. (Yes, I know they’re not real. But a good chunk of the plotting and characterization is done by a part of my mind that I’m not in direct communication with; it comes up with stuff that might just as well be autonomous actions by the characters.)

    1. Holly Avatar

      I know the feeling. Good luck herding your characters. Herding cats is a much simpler proposition.

  4. Saiyaness Avatar

    Happy Birthday Holly! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Sounds like your Muse delivered the best gift, even if it was an inconvenient time. (But that’s when they work best, right? :p)

    1. Holly Avatar

      The Muse was great. But so was dinner at our favorite French restaurant (something we get to do about twice a year).

      Birthdays kick ass. πŸ˜€

  5. Yog-Sothoth Avatar

    Seems OK to give yourself a candy bar [scene] on your birthday.

  6. Walter Spence Avatar

    Not sure how many words were written, per se, but I finished Abby’s timeline. Now back to the book itself.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Congrats. πŸ˜€

  7. Walter Spence Avatar

    Hoope you have a wonderful birthday, Holly.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thanks. It was great.

  8. Texanne Avatar

    Happy birthday, Holly! Hope you get some cool gifts, tangible and intangible.

    PS: Folks are asking when Cady 1: Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood will be available in Kindle.

    1. Holly Avatar

      When is Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood going to be out.

      Okay. Tentative date is next Tuesday, but here’s what has to happen first.

      I’m printing out the page proofs for the trade paper version now. My brother-in-law is coming over tomorrow (I hope) to record the Hunting The Corrigan’s Blood song with me: Didn’t Expect That. The song is the freebie for folks who buy the book—download link will be in the back, after the teaser chapter from Warpaint.

      I have to go through and proof the print version, move the corrections to the ebook versions, create the ebook versions, upload them, create landing pages and landing page copy for them, redo the typeface on the cover art because Matt, who is both my content editor and my art director, is not happy with the current fonts.

      Adam and I have to record five or six tracks, and Adam will do the mixing. I have to put together the YouTube video for the song.

      The schedule is, you might say, tight.

      So next Tuesday is the plan. I might not hit the plan.

  9. Jim Avatar

    Happy birthday, my friend.

  10. Felicia Avatar

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  11. Holly Avatar

    By the way, I apologize for forgetting the Weekend WABWM.

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