WABWM: Shower Songs, and the New Schedule

9:51 AM

Not as late a start as it seems. Couldn’t sleep last night, either, but this time I was smarter about it. Woke up at 2 AM, got up at 2:30 AM, and did write-in until about 4:30 AM before going back to bed.

So this is round two for the day for me.

Yesterday was crap, and I made lousy progress. Today, I’m already caught up to where I should be.

Am going to make a daring attempt to shorten my write-in schedule significantly, from seven days down to four, doing 70 pages each of the four days, because 1) type-in is going to be significant, and 2) I haven’t had a chance to do the song yet (and just got the RIGHT last verse for it in the shower a few minutes ago, and have to go write it down after I write this).

So I want as much buffer in my schedule as I can get.

Have a terrific run today, and write with joy.

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One response to “WABWM: Shower Songs, and the New Schedule”

  1. Tuff Gartin Avatar
    Tuff Gartin

    Love the comment about getting the last verse in the shower:) I am constantly talking to myself in the shower — figuring out issues that come up with my writing. Something about the shower puts my muse in a very willing mood.

    Of course, my wife thinks I’ve gone completely bananas — seems like she always walks in about the time I am talking out loud to my muse.

    Good times though:)

    Sorry you aren’t sleeping, but glad you are making progress. I’m looking forward to the finished product. I’m sure Warpaint will be great! I will be buying it for my Nook! (Already bought Cady 1).

    Take Care,


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