WABWM: Planned a battle scene, but forgot to plan a battle

By Holly Lisle

7:23 AM

Today I feel good, which is a great change.

Picking up where I left Cady yesterday (in trouble and knowingly heading into worse trouble), and looking forward to seeing what damage I can do to the universe today.

GOAL: 1500+

Good luck, folks. Get good words, and write with joy.

12:25 PM

Well, that was like pulling teeth.

I hit my pitched battle, and discovered I’d forgotten to plan the battle itself. ­čś»

I’m not quite happy with the solution I came up with, but I’m running with it now, with the understanding that as I do my revision, I might come up with something significantly better. My Muse is pitching twists and alternatives at me right now, too, and some of them seem pretty decent.

I did get my words.

1583 of them, and I’ve certainly managed to start into a scene that’s never been tried before.

So on to HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD, and more formatting.

Good writing.

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