WABWM: Planned a battle scene, but forgot to plan a battle

7:23 AM

Today I feel good, which is a great change.

Picking up where I left Cady yesterday (in trouble and knowingly heading into worse trouble), and looking forward to seeing what damage I can do to the universe today.

GOAL: 1500+

Good luck, folks. Get good words, and write with joy.

12:25 PM

Well, that was like pulling teeth.

I hit my pitched battle, and discovered I’d forgotten to plan the battle itself. 😯

I’m not quite happy with the solution I came up with, but I’m running with it now, with the understanding that as I do my revision, I might come up with something significantly better. My Muse is pitching twists and alternatives at me right now, too, and some of them seem pretty decent.

I did get my words.

1583 of them, and I’ve certainly managed to start into a scene that’s never been tried before.

So on to HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD, and more formatting.

Good writing.

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2 responses to “WABWM: Planned a battle scene, but forgot to plan a battle”

  1. Chalan Avatar

    WABWM – “The Demon Within”
    (Life got crazy after the birth of my nephew, but now I’m back an more determined to finally get started.)

    Current words: 0 words
    Today’s goal: 1000 words
    Actual Words: 910 words

    The words were hard today. Lots of distractions. But so long as they keep coming I’m happy.

  2. Kirsten Avatar

    Interesting stuff. I like the idea of putting something there, even though it might not be quite the right solution yet. I do that. A lot. 😉

    My writing day:

    When I call up my word count, the window asks me if it’s OK.
    No. It’s not OK. At projected 117k and counting, my revised novel is much too long to be salable in my genre.
    Not that I’m sure about the genre either. But, that’s a problem for another day.

    Goal: Type in the new scene I hand wrote on Tuesday
    Progress: A new 1543 word scene added to my revised draft. A very satisfying one, I might add.
    Scene: The Asylum of the Recollection (or for some reason Muse piped up and said, ‘Life Happens.’)
    Totals: 100,838 of 117k revised (ooooh, cracked 100k!)
    Mood: Determined. There must be something else in this story I can cut, because I’m going to fight to keep this scene.

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