WABWM: One perfect line.

By Holly Lisle

8:32 AM

Started with some catch-up maintenance, but am now ready to get started.

Yesterday I added about 2300 new words to the story, but I still haven’t reached the two new chapters I have to write.

I’ll hit those in about an hour, if my assessment of scribbled on pages holds up.

I dreamed the first of the new chapters—segments of it, anyway—and the character who gets his introduction.

One spontaneous line out of his mouth almost at the end of the book stopped me in my tracks when I wrote it. It was so genuine, and so perfect, it made this person what had been a cipher into someone essential to this story. I suddenly understood who this guy WAS.

And in that instant, I knew I was going to have to rewrite everything about him that had come before.

So today’s new chapter will include his new introduction.

Onward. Write with joy.

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