WABWM: New song, lotta words, and Recording Day 😀

By Holly Lisle

7:12 AM

Today I’m limited for time. My brother-in-law is coming over at 12:30 PM to help me record tracks for “Didn’t Expect That,” the song I wrote for Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood. I have to stop writing at 10 AM, because I have to set up my office as a recording studio (yay, Garage Band), dampen outside sound, get my fingers and voice warmed up, and get the words of the song in readable format for him because they’re in my handwriting right now. He’s doing the complicated guitar track. And backup vocals.

But I have good things to write today. My twist left over from yesterday. The next conflict bit.

GOAL: Best possible before 10 AM
Starting Scene: The Silence

So. Onward, with speed and ferocity.

9:49 AM

DAMN. Got 1772 words, wrote lyrics for a new song (straight into the story) and the twist spawned a twist, and both were beautiful.

Happy, happy, happy, happy. 😀

But out of time. Going to go set up for recording now.

Hope your words are joyous, too.

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