WABWM: Music video, pre-pub work

By Holly Lisle

Forgot to put this up yesterday, so this is actually yesterday’s list.
7:32 AM

The Wednesday list:

  1. Proof and correct print version of manuscript (Pages). DONE
  2. Upload final print version of HTCB. (CreateSpace) DONE
  3. Finish print cover layout. (Fireworks) DONE
  4. Transfer corrections to epub versions. (Pages, Scrivener)
  5. Transfer and adapt high-res print cover to low-res epub cover. (Fireworks) DONE
  6. Redo solo vocal track for Didn’t Expect That—the Corrigan’s Blood song. (GarageBand, Fission) DONE
  7. Write the cover copy for HTCB. (Pages) DONE
  8. Set up the sales pages for my site, Amazon, B&N, Apple, and possibly Kobo (Kobo is not impressing me) (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, WordPress.
  9. Put together the HTCB music video, and get it on YouTube. (Fireworks, Keynote, Photo-to-Movie) DONE
  10. Print out my stripped-down list of HTRYN Worksheets so I’ll be ready to go on the revision next week.
  11. NEW ITEM Find a better template for the Cadence Drake site and redo the whole thing before my little book launch.

Today I have to correct the Scrivener versions for ebooks, then format each of them with the correct backlink pages and ISBN (I’m doing individual versions for each site on which I post the book.)

If I have time left over, I need to do work on my Cadence Drake site.

Here’s a sneak peek at the music video. It sounds MUCH better if you have headphones on. It also sounds much better if you remember that I’m a writer who sings, and not a singer who writes… 🙄



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