WABWM: Momentum

7:30 AM

I’m not as better as I’d thought yesterday. :-/ But still good enough to work. And will be starting this morning with the lyrics for the HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD song, “Didn’t Expect That,” which I worked out, along with most of the melody, in the shower this morning.

But after the lyrics, which I just don’t want to lose, because they’re pretty funny, I’ll get to work on WARPAINT.

GOAL: 1500+
SCENE: Curiouser and Curiouser

Write with joy, and kick some ass.

12:46 PM

I got the lyrics to the song written down in thirteen minutes. (The shower took a lot longer.) Will figure out the guitar for it later today.

But what happened with my planned scene was interesting.

I’ve mentioned that I always go through and clean up the words I wrote the day before, and that I generally get about 300 new words out of this process (because my first drafts are lean, lean, skinny mean).

Today I got 1595 words, and added a new scene that grew (and grew, and grew) out of what I’d thought was just a pretty good couple of lines.

This is Cady speaking.

You do a thing, and if it’s something that matters, it gathers momentum, and the momentum changes it in ways you cannot imagine. Cannot foresee. It goes off in new directions, and suddenly they aren’t your directions anymore.

Which describes what happened while I was writing. That line turned into one helluva cool scene, which got its own title. Momentum.


I’ll be off tomorrow, and probably offline, still putting together the lesson design for the HTWAS Expansion, so I’m posting the weekend WABWM ahead of time. It will pop into existence tomorrow at about 7:30 AM. (If I have the time offset from my west-coast host figured correctly.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be thrilled if I can get over whatever the hell I caught between now and then.

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5 responses to “WABWM: Momentum”

  1. Roisin Avatar

    It’s been a while since I wrote – life went in new and stressful directions that I decided I didn’t like in the end.

    So I’m back in the game, doing the things I love, working out where to go from here. I’ve got lots of planning to do, but I’ll be back in the WABWM threads as soon as I can be!

  2. Lee Avatar

    Awright! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    Goal was 700 words.
    Actual word count: 1,242.

    And I discovered things that I had not thought of or realized before in an earlier draft. Spent the first part of the session refining The Sentence. Man, oh, man, does that ever help! It’s the difference between the diffuse glow of a light bulb and the powerful precision of a laser. I have a clearer idea of where I’m going with the story, yet I have plenty of room for exploration and discovery. This is fun! 🙂

  3. Lee Avatar

    That sounds marvelous, Holly. I can hardly wait to read/hear the song when you share/publish/record/upload it. I’ve written many songs in the shower, some in the car, at the park, in the backyard with the dogs, and my best one yet after putting together a drum and a guitar track and then laying down the vocal track over that as I improvised the melody and lyrics. Doubled the vocal track, added a little reverb and the tiniest bit of echo-delay whatever, some drum fill and a cymbal, and poof! It was done. Fastest song I ever recorded and the one people like the most. Don’t that beat all? (Yes, I know that’s not “proper” grammar. So?)

    Word count goal: 700 and this time I am determined to make it even if I get interrupted eleventy million gazillion times tonight. If–when–I reach the word count, I’ll treat myself to some time messing around with music. 🙂 Feels good to have my little MacBook Air in my lap and see Scrivener in the dock waiting to whisk me away to another world. Woohoo, writing session, here I come! 😀

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m going to do the song as a music video for the re-release of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood. I’ll make the higher-quality audio version available as a free download linked from the back of the book. 😀

      I’ve been writing songs for the next two books in the series for months, and have a couple I really like. The songs allow me to get different angles on scenes or characters, and in one instance a song gave me a nice plot twist for WARPAINT.

      And cheers on your run. That’s fantastic.

      1. Lee Avatar

        I can hardly wait to hear your song and am excited about your music video. 😀 I’ve been wanting to try something like that. Maybe I can put my “studio” back together and do some experimenting. I used to write fan fiction but more poetry and songs than stories. Now I want to do some songs for my own characters. 🙂

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