WABWM: How Battle Plans Fall Apart (But Still Keep Working)

By Holly Lisle

9:03 AM

Have been working since about 7:00 AM. Am both behind and ahead on the revision.

I’m doing Chapter 9 right now, which in theory would put me behind (since my schedule today calls for me to have STARTED on Chapter 11.

However, with two exceptions where I’ll have to add entirely new scenes, I’ve done a complete write-in while I was working, which puts me several days ahead.

“No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

Nor did mine. I realized the first chapters needed only cosmetic changes. I’m pretty sure the last chapters will need only cosmetic changes. And because I had a week to think about my target while I was getting HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD published, I had already worked my way through the big changes I have to do in the middle to make it right before I sat down—so when I wrote out my target, it took me about an hour rather than a couple days.

I’m already exhausted—the hours are as long as I feared—and I know I’m missing emails and posts and notes and everything else.

But I think I think I think I’ll be able to hit my preferred publication deadline.

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