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WABWM: Getting close to publishing HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD — 3 Comments

  1. Holly

    When you get a chance – go check your information on the B&N site. They have duplicated the blurb on the book page. Nothing big, don’t think it looks as professional as you might want.

    another Holly, this one in Germany

  2. Hi Holly and folks!

    I’ve been off the radar for a while with my big move between countries and all the fallout from the complete change of lifestyle and employment, family dramas, medical dramas, new relationships, all sorts of things.

    But I’m back on the horse, I’m still on Lesson 7 of HTRYN but I’m looking at 20 or more 7Aa and 7Ab sheets, so there’s definitely been progress.

    I’ve also started a new ‘short’ story set in the ancient history of my big series’ world – I have an ambitious plan to flesh out the world by creating a timeline of important historical events and cherrypicking the most exciting and interesting events as their own tales. I’m hugely excited about this one, and I’ve got 10,068 words on it already.

    I’ve paused it to continue my HTRYN work, but I am writing again, and it’s a damn good feeling to be back 🙂

  3. Getting close? good.

    Extra lessons in this post on what not to do when preparing to launch a novel: doubleplusgood. 🙂

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