WABWM: Finish line on WARPAINT tomorrow? Maybe…

By Holly Lisle

7:23 AM

I’m almost to the end of this marathon, after which I’ll need to sit down, figure out my schedule, and announce how I’m going to do the How To Write A Series extension (I’ve figured THAT out and have started work on it, but I’m not where I can take the time to answer questions or discuss how it’ll work yet).

And a list of other things about twice as long as my arm.

But today, I started writing before I realized I hadn’t done my WABWM post yet…am that excited about the big finale, which I’m starting into now.

Got the guitar parts and lead and harmony vocals of Didn’t Expect That recorded yesterday. Adam and I will have to get together once more to do post-production, but even raw, I like what we got. Need to figure out what I want in the music video—it’s a book video, not MTV, so don’t expect me dancing in a mini-skirt strumming a guitar with a bluescreen background of falling flowers or anything.

STARTING WORD COUNT: 75,823 (with some already removed, and some added)
GOAL: 1500+
Starting Scene: The Silence

Kick ass. Make names.


12:51 PM

Took a while, but I got 1974 new words, and am pretty close to writing the end. I have 77,775 words total right now. (2225 words to go until I’m supposed to write THE END. I’m going over the stuff I’d planned for the ending, and cutting scenes, and I think I can get pretty close to that.

Ending scene: The Sound

I have to proof the print version of HTCB today so I can get that set up, and do the ebook versions over the next couple of days.

But if I push, I could conceivably finish the first draft of WARPAINT tomorrow.

And have comfortable elbow room for the revision, for once.

Hope your words are going well.

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