WABWM: Dark, dark, dark today…but fun

By Holly Lisle

7:12 AM

Headache woke me, I’ve started my day with aspirin and Tylenol, and that’s never a great way to start. But I’m here, I’m a bit early, and my folks are in trouble.

So it’s time to make the trouble deeper and stickier.

GOAL: 1500+

Read through yesterday’s thread first—new software, new computers, fresh starts. Pretty cool.

Have a good run today, folks. šŸ˜€

11:11 AM

Tylenol and aspirin worked, and I built out on one particularly cool collision of enemies, and built in a little Muse Bomb I probably won’t set off for another two or three books. :mrgreen:

Now at 67,009 words, and 1731 for the day.

Going to go put as much of HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD together as I can so I can get it out this month.

Still have to record the song.

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