WABWM: Continuing yesterday’s scene with my newly essential guy

12:40 PM

Slept in, read some Robert Crais, but now I’m going to finish the chapter that introduces my newly important character.

He made a big entrance. I’ll have to refine these new scenes before I give the book to my content editor or send out ARCs, but he…well…he made a good first impression if you’re willing to be flexible about your definition of good.

Sorry to be late getting this up. My life is words right now, and getting anything else done requires a total brain shift. Mostly, I’m not up to the effort.

Kick ass this weekend. Write with joy.

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One response to “WABWM: Continuing yesterday’s scene with my newly essential guy”

  1. Kirsten Avatar

    Goal: Two chapters line-edited.
    Progress: Three whole chapters whipped into shape. Somewhat.

    I wondered how many times it’s acceptable to use the word ‘press’ in the same chapter. Whatever it is, I’m sure I’m way past the limit. Switched it out with: pushed, thrust, squeezed, forced, eased.
    Ah, line-editing; the sublime joy of words under my control.

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