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Diana Layne
11 years ago

Hi, Holly, I visited Karen’s site, you are both too cute. I also told Karen that I’m a graduate of both your courses (under my real name, not my pen name) and I’ve read all your writing books. (and several of your fiction books). I’m a fan, and I wanted you to know that using your plotting method, I recently wrote a book targeted for a specific series a group of writers and I created–The Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll–and I sold the book to The Wild Rose Press! I love your “sentence”!! (now, I have to figure out how to update my website with the info) Thanks so much for all the hard work you do. (btw, I homeschool, too, always have–six kids.)

Karen Cote
Karen Cote
11 years ago

And I was humbled to have you there and excited. Here’s (1) of the comments made about you:
Just want to say that I’ve done several of Holly’s courses, including “How to Think Sideways”, “How to Revise Your Novel”, and “How to Write a Series”, and I simply cannot recommend her wisdom and teaching ability highly enough. She has a straight-forward teaching style and knows her stuff. Boy, does she ever! So don’t be backward, people. You will **not** be sorry you took the time to investigate..


Gracie ONeill also sends her love.

Thanks again, Holly. You can visit anytime. 🙂

Love ya,
Karen Cote

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